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RIP Pinetop Perkins July 7, 1913 to March 21, 2011.

While I was on tour in Indiana years ago I was playing at a cool small bar near Gary Indiana. Pinetop had fallen out of view from the Blues community and the club owner found him and invited him in to live at his house next to the club. The club owner was a huge Blues fan and knew of Pinetop's accomplishments. After our first set Pinetop was sitting and watching at a near by table. We were introduced and through out the evening we visited as he told stories of traveling with Muddy Waters and of nights playing Blues in Chicago. I spent time with him again backstage at the Orpheum theatre during the Blues awards in Memphis a few years later. He had be rediscovered by the Blues world and was on his way back to the top of the record industry as a blues star. I remember in Memphis we were joking around and I asked Pinetop, and this was years ago, how he can play music for so long?  He replied " by the grace of God". I always will cherish the memory of my meeting Pinetop Perkins and the evening we spent talking about the Blues. For  97 years, a legendary, loved and highly respected blues musicians of our time.







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