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2008 Highlights

A huge thank you to
everyone at the
Eldorado Casino Blues & Brews Festival in Reno, NV
for a wonderful time!

BW with Television Channel 8 Morning Show host, Dennis

BW with Karen from the NBC Morning Television Show
BW with DJ Mark Keefe at the X 100.1 FM radio. Joining them are the food and bev execs from the Eldorado Casino.

BW with Krystal Tingle, publicist, Eldorado Casino.

Thank you Eldorado Casino for the use of their limosine.
BW joins ESPN Sports Radio DJs. Special thanks to Todd Bruso, show producer

iBW with Reno's Rock Radio DJ during the Drive Time Show
iBlues Brews & BBQ fans, rockin the blues during the BW set



National Editor Al Harbison, is featuring Brad Wilson, on this month's cover of Screachen Magazine.
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Special thanks to writer,
Mary Allan.!
Monday, December 22nd, 2008 11:41 AM PST




An exciting day around the world. For musicians it is a great work day because there are so many events planned. I get a call into my friend Kirk Nelson in San Pedro who is in route to Visalia tonight. Kirk and his wife Carol are on in the grapevine part of Highway 5 stopped because the freeway is closed. A tanker overturned closing all lanes. he is forced to turn back and enter the Central Valley the long way on highway 58. Larry and Brian arrive at my place so we call convoy to Coarsegold. The weather is ok, but as we climb into the mountains fog is everywhere. Yesterday I had got a call from Joni and David that they were coming in from Penn Valley for the show. Nice!

We all arrive and Kirk is there soon after. The place is filling up for a solid sold out event. Sax man Scott B. is here to night to rip on the horn. Man is he good. With an all star line up we start jammin the tunes. One after another the show starts climbing towards the New Year. Lots of dancers and it seems like everybody is here tonight. All my friends from YLP are here. Playing Sunday afternoons at Blue Heron has been a chance to meet so many nice people. YLP is one of my very favorite places in the whole state of Cali! With a group on stage we count down the seconds and the band plays Auld Lang Syne, Scott plays the melody and Kirk adds terrific keyboard work. Everyone has a good feeling and there are some hugs and kisses. We head out late into the night as everyone stays until closing. Kirk and Carol follow me to my place, they are ready to get in off the road. This was a wonderful evening and lots and lots of fun. 2008 has been a very good year. I am excited about the year 2009 and all the good stuff that will be in the weeks ahead. Wow! Kinda like the Christmas movie "It's a wonderful life".






Sunday, December 7th, 2008 2:24 PM PST




Visalia has all four seasons. Winter is mild compared to the East coast, yet it gets cold with fog and rain. Today as Brian Beal, Lenny Mendoza and I head out on to 99 it is raining. We get a chance to talk a little on the drive, this is my first show with a bass and drums from Visalia. Working with LA musicians since I moved, it has taken seven months to meet pro players here. There is only word of mouth referrals so it takes awhile. It has been quite a change for me moving from the heart of the city to the country. I can see it takes a lot longer to adjust than I thought. It is a process of trying to get back to where I was day to day plus add the new. Stopping for lunch in Tracy, a town growing fast and becoming very modern, we are soon back on the road in the rain. Along the way the malls are so full the off ramps back into the freeway. San Francisco is quiet, the rain and pre Christmas Sunday are slow. I had got a call from Big Rick that my buddies Mike, Thomas, Ricky and Big Rick would be coming to the show. Terrific news! After a set up and a few shows to a small but into the music crowd the place slows to about the least I've seen Lou's. We play on with Lenny and Brian doing excellent work on the songs. Latter as we drive back to Visalia talking about Tulare county. It is big county, and has a lot of features I'm very interested in learning about. Sooner or later I will become a local as I was in Los Angeles. It takes time though. 




airtimes are WED. DEC. 31 at 7pm, FRIDAY, Jan. 2 at 9:30pm, SUNDAY, Jan. 4 at 8pm, and MONDAY, Jan. 5 at 8:30pm 

Arriving in Porterville during a rain storm that ends around noon. I am walking through the studio door before 10am. Ken the producer is upbeat and I'm up for the fun of taping this television show. Rocky who plays keyboards at the recording studio next door hooked this meeting up. Thanks Rocky! After watching a previous show on the computer, Ken's band opens and closes the show, we start getting a mix on vocals and my acoustic. The acoustic sounds real nice. The production on the show is top notch. Just a very pro sound and look. I perform three songs, "Cool Running","Black Coffee At Sunrise" and "Home". I feel good about everything and the playback is cool. Ken and I do an interview segment and we wrap up the show. I enjoyed this a lot. Nice vibe, good people and a chance to promote here in the Central Valley. As I drive north on the 65 highway towards Exeter the rain is on and off. I am getting an understanding of the deep country music roots here. I did not realize in Los Angeles how strong and important country music is to this part of California.




THANK YOU BARBARA WHITE editor at ZBANDS.COM for featuring BW and song on your cool webzine! 







Monday, December 1st, 2008 8:24 AM PST




Local Coarsegold drummer Howard Smith and LA bass monster Brian Levine and I meet at this upscale eatery in North Fresno. Cool place with good food and a nice stage. Howard can play drums very well at a low volume. Friends Paul and Celeste are here and well known local drummer Scott Black is in the house as well. Great crowd right up to closing. I'm still new to the Valley so it is great to connect with a club that feels good for me to work at.



With the musicians from Friday night, we are loading into this huge casino to play right on the gaming floor stage. Friant is in the country side of Fresno. The hill sides are doted with mansions for ranch homes. The casino has great food and is a very nice gig. Terrific to be here. This gives me a chance to play to a wide range of people and is very good for me to learn skills to work stages in this situation. The show goes very well. Time flies by. We load out and Brian and I drive to Visalia. With Hollywood under three hours drive from my place, Brian is soon on his way home. He has a new car and plans to be working Wednesday night at Kanters bar on Fairfax in West Hollywood. Great weekend and enjoyed working around my new home, the Central Valley of California!




Monday, November 24th, 2008 12:22 PM PST




With the weather very nice, a feel of fall in the air, I drive up highway 41 to Yosemite. The park has an entrance fee of $20. The Valley floor is 33 miles inside the park. This where the hotels and small town of Curry Village is located. The first time you see the valley after exiting the big tunnel is amazing. It is a National Park in every sense of the words. The main waterfall is the tallest in North America. I am meeting Adam Gust and Brian Levine at the hotel so I'm here first. The gear is set up in the lodge Bar, a huge room complete with fireplace that holds a couple of hundred people. The hotel is many smaller buildings with rooms centered around a plaza that has all the holiday lights up on trees. They say that Yosemite has fantastic points of interest for every season. I believe this, Yosemite is a very special place.

The place is full of people celebrating Thanksgiving weekend. The band is ripping and the dance floor is full. Sonjia is here from Los Angeles and Brian's dad works at the park. The night goes by quick and everyone heads for their room to get up early and out to the park. 

Saturday morning and the weather is sunny and brisk. I visit the museum and get a great lecture on native American artifacts. The day to day life here in the valley long ago. At 2pm I joined a walking tour with a park ranger who gave a super 90 minutes on Bears in Yosemite Park. Walking a trail through meadows and across a couple of bridges. Back to the hotel for dinner and on to a Rockin' Saturday show. Lots of locals here tonight. The place just goes off like the Firefalls of 68 when they use to push burning logs from the top of the waterfalls. We all have a lot of fun, sharing this great place we are lucky to visit. Wow. I am up at 6am and load the gear, have breakfast and slowly drive out Highway 41. What a fantastic place to visit.


Sunday, November 16th, 2008 7:30 AM PST




After a check in call from Doug Birmingham and Marvin Sperling, a few moments later they pull up to my place in Visalia. Two excellent Los Angeles musicians playing this weekends shows. I book rooms in Turlock a town two hours north of here. After check in I take back roads to Sonora arriving in time for a very nice dinner and set up. The local newspaper Union democrat ran my photo in support of tonights show. Soon a good friend Robert Cumpston walks in followed by Mark, Chris, Cathy, Les and his wife. When Dave Spinetto, Connie and Matt sit down at the table we have a great group of Summerville Bears. My high school I went to here in a near by town. The show is a Rocker with lots of visiting and dancing. I go out to the truck and get my camera for a few photos. Around 1am I pull the truck up to the side door and we load up for the ride to Turlock. After awhile we are surrounded by thick fog. Fog is common here in the Central Valley this time of the year. So thick you can hardly see to drive. I am experienced at driving and soon we pull up to our motel.


After a breakfast at Hometown B. we are on the road heading for Sacramento. Checking into an old hotel in the old town district. This place is off the 160 freeway and at one time, maybe during the sixties was very happening. A conference room, huge, a giant pool and the rooms all facing the court yard. for some reason it reminds me of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. Maybe not. The entire neighborhood is left in the sixties. Wow, kinda like a movie set. Still the rooms are nice and we are only here for awhile. The band boards the van and we drive up the 80 freeway to the 49 in Auburn and into Nevada City. Winter is here so it is chilly as we put the gear in the club. Dianna and Pierre serve a nice dinner and friends are here to say Hi. My long time good friends Joni and David arrive and we get a chance to visit. The club fills up and the dance floor is full. Mike a local keyboard player is sitting in on blues tunes and on breaks I sell a few CDs. Some friends from Zigato's in Sacramento are here and Kelly, Kathern and Shane stop by to wish the band well. I love making new friends around California, it is the best part of my job. The whole state is beautiful and it is so much fun traveling all four corners. Nevada city very nice, with a look of the gold rush era, stone streets, old Boston looking buildings. The show tonight has the most people of all my shows here. A good sign for future bookings. With the temp at around 34 degrees we load the van and drive to Sacramento. Before we  leave, I do photos with friends and Dianna offers Doug and Marvin some super homemade french fries. They accept and agree, these are some of the best french fries in the state. Tomorrow is San Francisco and Lou's. Nice.


We drive over to Hamburger Patties in Old Town Sacramento this morning. Around 16th and J streets. Love this part of the city. Old Victorian buildings, lots of trees. The food is excellent here and it has a great vibe.Then I drive Marv and Doug to the historic Old Town along the River. Very cool place, I wish we had time to go into the railroad museum. It is fantastic! Pulling up to Lou's on the Wharf about two hours later it is brisk but nice outside. The club is closed until 5pm when we start, so there is time to walk around. I see a friend from the East bay so we chat about Thanksgiving coming up soon. The room fills up and we play until 7pm take a dinner break and return for two more shows. This is a great room started long ago and has had some of San Francisco's best musicians on the stage. I always get into the show and rip on guitar. Later we drive back to Visalia moving along easy until Merced where we are surrounded by a very thick fog. The truck joins up with the big trucks and it takes everybody watching out as we can only see  few feet in front of us. This goes on for about 90 minutes, making driving very tough. Marv. has never been in this kind of weather driving and he calls me when he gets home and says he can only work Los Angeles shows. I understand his concern. I travel statewide all year, in all seasons and all weather. Musicians often say " they don't pay us to play music, they pay us to move the equipment".



Tuesday, November 4th, 2008 9:12 AM PST





Arriving in sunny So. Ca. with temp at 87 degrees, I pull up at Doug Birmingham's house for rehearsal. He is booked to play drums next week in Northern Ca. The session is cool and I am next on to West Hollywood to a great luggage repair shop called Jacop's on third street. In business for 23 years they can fix my handle on the Les Pall case better than Gibson! Diving into rush hour traffic after 3pm is a crawl and so thick you had better be a good driver to hold up under the stress. I check in near Anahiem's Disneyland with a super deal on the room and get ready for the gig. House of Blues / Voodoo Lounge is bumpin' with lots of people and they serve a terrific dinner. Rich Smith is here on drums and Marv is on Bass and we just totally rip. The show is the best I have ever played here. My hands are on fire.The bar has dancers and I even see a Bay area friend in town here tonight. Great response and within five minutes drive I'm back to my room to rest.



The sun is shining and I am totally lost on side streets in Buena Park. I am not on a freeway and I only know the freeways here. After awhile I see the freeway in the distance and find an entrance. Yes. My world works better at 70 miles an hour. Today it is one stop after another, pick up the guitar case from Jacop, Lydia for hair, Brent and Amena for a restock of the "Blues Alive" CDs plus phone calls and a drive through Beverly Hills. I would like to have lunch in Bev. Hills but it is way to crowed. Wow. Fuel up and head south for the Anahiem hills gig tonight. The business news is will General Motors collapse and cause a huge drop in the Stock market and unemployment to really rise. We will see. Dinner at the Lakeview diner and into the club early. No motel room booked tonight as I am driving all night to get back to Visalia. The stage is nice, set up my gear and I meet a very cool group of bartenders. Tina, Missy and Nathan are very welcoming, making me feel good about this new club on the tour route. The show is a blast Matt Oloffson is smacking down some big time drum work and Marv is right there to hold down the groove. The place is packed and right up to 2am the crowd wants to Rock. I quickly  load my truck for the three hour drive home. Marv gets a call that there is a huge fire right in the middle of my exit out of LA. near the 5 freeway and the grapevine. I have to move fast, freeway to freeway, 57, 60, 5 north past Burbank and on to Santa Clarita. Fire trucks racing by me lights flashing, cop cars with them. I can see a big ball of orange in the sky, off ramps blocked and the wind is pulling my truck out of my lane. Must be blowing very hard outside, whiping the flames. This is in the heart of the valley, all homes and city streets where the fire is located. Soon I am up on the mountain, it is around 3am and it takes until 4:45 am to pull into my driveway. Visalia has a little valley fog but it is quiet and my old cat Beebo wanders out to join me for a bowl of Wheaties. Five am is a very nice time of the day. 



Sunday, October 26th, 2008 8:40 AM PDT





Rain is due for the weekend around the state. Rich Smith, Marv and I are heading for the Bay Area leaving Visalia around 3pm. After living in the city for years my house will have Trick or Treaters ringing the door bell tonight. Still overcast outside we have dinner in Livermore and race to get inside the club before rain. We make it and downbeat at 9pm. The costumes of everyone coming through the door are great Lots of different outfits. There is a cash prize for three of the best so people are into it. The fun bar / pool hall is located in an up section of the Bay Area. very nice shops and all kinds of well established business's. The vibe is for fun and the band with guest Harpman Matt is Rippin'! Sarah, Russ and Kevin are hosting this event and they have a good crowd. The rain breaks around 1:30am and we load out and get back to the motel for sleep.



Starting the day at my favorite breakfast place in California. The Railroad Cafe is super. Jo greets us at the door and I can feel at home here. Around 5pm we head into a wicked rain storm towards Ben Lomond. The truck is crawling along against pounding wind and rain. Cars are turned around from an accident on the twisting highway 17. Loading in to Henflings in a full on rainstorm we are drenched. The crowd is with us and folks are here even in the rain. We grab dinner from the market across the street and it really quite good. My long time buddies are here, Steve S. setting up his new mesa amp to sit in with us. Hot local drummer Rod Wilson his here with two good friends of his. The music is rippin' hot with guest players Rod and Steve jumping in on songs. Towards midnight we learn a huge tree has blocked our exit out of town. The main road off of this mountain is closed. The club has a very cool door guy and he writes us a detailed way to take back roads off of the hill. The rain is pouring down as a convoy of two cars and the band truck leave Ben Lomond. Slowly we drive watching every street sign and turn in the road. A feeling of being in an Indiana Jones movie is with me as I drive. After awhile we pull into Scotts Valley safely and after a blast from the truck horn we are on our way back to the motel. By the time we get to the edge of Livermore the rain has lighted up and around 3:15am I am looking forward to sleep.



It is a beautiful sunny and blue sky day. The rain has cleaned up everything and we travel across the state east towards Yosemite park.  After arriving at the club house the football game is on the TV and it is going to be a good one. Gary and Moneka are on the deck outside waving to me as I take a few photos near the lake. What a fun surprise! The buffet today is super and around 4pm we kick into some tunes. Everybody is here, many very nice people I have gotten to be friends with. About halfway through the afternoon, Scott the sax player walks in with his horn. Great! Scott plays terrific and fits in to the sound easy. Everyone is very nice to the band and as I move around the room to say hello to friends, the talk is of New Years eve this year. I am booked for the event here and will bring in Kirk Nelson from Los Angels plus Scott has agreed to join us on stage. I think it will be a wonderful evening.




Monday, October 20th, 2008 9:23 AM PDT




Marv arrives in his PT Cruiser and we are on our way. I make a stop at Penara bread shop for a sandwich and while in line a young boy named Luke says hi and that he saw my show in Exeter. He is there with his family and I really enjoyed talking guitar with such a nice fan and his family. It was a nice compliment to be recognized from the show. As we pull into Chowchilla and up to the front of Vinny's I remember a story about this town. A long time ago the Central Valley of California was a vast open range of cattle and ranches. No fences just rough and tumble western folks and their cattle. This is before the railroad got here. Chowchilla was a place they could come to for supplies and a few other things. This town has a wild history. WE set up in a building that houses Vinny's club, it was once a bank on main street. They drive 300 head of cattle down main street once a year as a celebration of the towns history. The kids in school are let out for the day to see this. The dog Zero is chewing a toy on stage as we set up. Cool little dog with black around his eyes. The music is rippin' and a few girls in front start to flash the band. Wow this is like a saloon complete with a small group of Hells Angels out front talking around their bikes. Fun and peaceful the evening goes by and we load the gear in the truck. Howard Smith is drumming for the show this weekend and does a good job.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONEKA! Thank you for booking the band for your party on Sat. Oct. 25th 

After reading an email from Moneka that I can get in to the hall for set up tonight at 1pm, i am out the door and Marv and I arrive in downtown Visalia. The downtown of Visalia is very upscale with lots of places to shop, cafes, and a very healthy night life of bars to party at. Moneka and her best friends are there getting the decorations, table center pieces and going over the dinner for tonight. I get to meet her son Steve and we plan the CD music for the guests. Howard Smith calls me at home around 6pm that he is at the hall and ready to Rock. Tonight's band will feature an excellent sax player I met here in town, John King. A musician with a blues background that fits in very well with the show. Before dinner I get a chance to meet many of Moneka's friends and enjoy the chance to know more people from Visalia. The band starts the music and after a couple of songs Moneka and Gary come up to the microphone and say a few words to their guests. Lots of dancing and a huge Happy Birthday singalong from everyone is part of the fun. I am good friends with this wonderful person who has many many close friends. A rare chance to have an overview of her life. Moneka tries very hard and has helped many people, her fight to help animals in trouble is very well known. She is native Visalian, with ties to the community, many of her friends stand up during dinner to tell stories of the good times they have spent together. With the last of the guests saying how much fun tonight was, the band packs up the gear and loads the truck. Nice to be working in town tonight and close to home. Thanks to Moneka and her husband Gary, Visalia is feeling more and more like my new home. 



Monday, October 13th, 2008 1:07 PM PDT




Out the door and on my way by 7:30am. I am excited to be working for the next few days in Southern Ca. The weather is great, Fall temps are back. I start with appointments at 11am and work my way through the day towards the show, Mesa Eng. replaces all my tubes in my amp which gets long hours of use. Today I meet with seven musicians for work in the future. Traveling by myself gives me a chance to get a lot done. I can move from one task to the next quickly. Pulling into the security lot at Disneyland around 8:30pm the guards are very nice, so I visit awhile.  Rich Smith and Marvin Sperling are already here so before long we are set up and playing tunes. This is Marvis's first show with me and he does very well. Rich and I go back quite a ways with gigs. The crowd is light, coming and going after dining on classic fare. Towards the end the bar builds up and we turn up and rip. After playing four hours in the afternoon for musician auditions and three shows tonight my hands are rippin! Driving towards the Marina in Los Angeles it's quiet and parking on a side street I slip into a friend's guest room for a few hours sleep. I like to work almost around the clock on the road.



Out the door very early I'm in Beverly Hills for breakfast at the Farm. Nice place near the Museum of Media. Stop by the bank and take a walk in the area. One of my favorite cities in California. Pick up a few things at the Grove Mall in West Hollywood. Visalia does not everything yet. Although I could order on line some stuff. Living here in Los Angeles for over twenty years I still have my favorite places and most of my day to day life stuff if I need it. I enjoy living in Visalia the quality of like is better. After lunch with an upcoming business contact, I meet Matt O. and marv in Venice. We jump on the very slow moving 405 freeway and catch the 101 freeway towards the north. It is a crawl al the way to Ventura and this is eating up lots of set up time when we get there. With the brakes smoking from driving over the 154 highway to Paradise Cove in the Santa Barbara mountains we are there. My friend allen is here and a friend from 25 years ago WC walks in. Wow! We talk and remember early days in Hollywood when I had first moved there from San Francisco. Jimmy a long time music industry pro is here tonight. He traveled with Hoyt Akton for 38 years and has a  book with him of amazing photos and things from years of the music industry days and nights.I get a feeling of inspiration to be a part of the music industry legacy and all the travelers / singers who came before me and built this lifestyle of cities and songs. Around ten pm we load up the gear for the drive to LA. Jimmy sings us a song he wrote with Hoyt Akton that went to number one on the country charts. The drive back is smooth, not that much traffic at this time of night. Agreeing to leave at 7:30 am we off load gear to everyone's car so I can stay down south on Sat. after the shows. Later I'm visiting a birthday party until 12:30am and then it's time to sleep. I need rest for two shows on Sat.



After tripping a breaker at dawn, I'm out the door and driving down the 405 south. Today would prove to be huge. Pulling in to Biggs Harley D. lot I meet up with Marv and we go out for a quick bit of food before set up. San Marcos is a clean modern city with a big future. Very nice place to live. The show is smooth with the sets rolling along and Matt O. driving the drum engine of the band. A good drummer makes everything  happen. We pack up around three and begin the minute by minute run to close the festival on the main stage in Covina.



 I am living in my truck, which I enjoy when traveling. The convoy of us three musicians pull up to the stage and are greeted by my long time friend Steve Brooke. Wow this is going to a good one. Ace keys player Kirk Nelson is here and I can see some buddies like T are already near the stage. We rip into the tunes red hot from playing for hours earlier in the day. The crowd moves forward to us and the sound picks up the storm of blues. By the end of the second set we are in a Blues Power rush, complete with encore and CD sales. Yes! I live for shows like this. Later with the gear on board, Matt O. heads for yet a third show in downtown LA, Marv is off to see his girl and I'm driving south to stay with my very cool sister Maryanne and her husband Dale. No hurry, just drifting. I'm very ready for sleep and am out like a light after midnight. 



Morning and I'm watching football over breakfast with my brother in law Dale. Oceanside is a beautiful seaside town with fresh air and a big future. Camp Pendelton has a lot of open land here that will one day be sold. A possible location for a football stadium. San Juan is amazing, warm, sunny and clean. Everybody is here early because it is a fantastic fall day. Marv's girl Wendy is with us and we visit at a band table between shows. I have lunch outside on the patio of a super eatery, thinking this is like a coastal town in southern Europe. The blue of the ocean, people strolling along in front of little shops. The Swallows Inn is up for a dancing good time and the girls here are good looking southern Cali girls. Oh Yea. I meet two very nice young ladies while am selling CDs, Terry and Brenda. After a few goodbye's to everyone, I point the truck north to cross the grapevine and into the central valley. Thinking how much I enjoyed and loved this visit to my former home in California. Now it is time to get back to all my day to day good stuff in Visalia. I am excited about the new week ahead.




Monday, October 6th, 2008 7:20 PM PDT




On Friday night Rich Smith calls and says he has to turn around from his drive to Visalia and return to Los Angeles. He will be helping out a club in Fullerton with his drum work and just get up at 6am and drive here to Visalia. Wow! Ok Rich you are a goer! Sure enough at 9am he pulls in and we have breakfast. A little while later Mr. Powers arrives and we are on our way done Caldwell to Exeter. The weather is beautiful and there is a lot of people here for the Fall festival. We are on a bandstand in the center of the park. This is a classic small town America event. Well planned with a lot of help from all of the local community. I am excited to be here and the music and show go very well. Everyone knows somebody here, my good friends Moneka and Gary are here along with Laurie G. Crafts, vendors and the crowning of Miss Exeter 2008 make this a highlite of the year. Super start to the day.




Returning to my house the band has lunch and rests before we leave for Grover Beach. The ride is a lot of laughs because Rich and Matt have an interesting take on the current National election and being polled.

With the gear set up we sit down to an outstanding dinner. The club is not only fun, the food is great!

The club is Rocking with Lyle, Christy and Pete, local musicians. A New York guitar player introduces himself , turns out Ed and I are friends with a long time drummer friend of mine living in Florida, Gil Gauck. Frank the GM runs a cool club and the band rips into the tunes as the crowd dances and parties. Late into the night we drive arriving around 4am. Having crossed some very open land. Everyone gets some rest for Sunday's show. 



Breakfast with the band and off to San Francisco. Matt Oloffson is pulling into town and Rich Smith is on his way to Los Angeles and a show at a well known biker bar Cooks Corner. Mr. Oloffson and Mr. Powers play well together so this will be a huge show. We stop in Los Banos to have dinner at a fast food place because everything will be running right to the minute. Pulling into San Francisco the Columbus Day Parade is just finishing, people, traffic, everything is wild. Getting into Lou's on the Wharf is tough but we start right on time at 8pm and the show is a roller coaster of fun. Driving home Matt Powers says he will be taking time off to work at a casino to get more support for his two year old son and wife. We all agree this is a high note for him to end on. Still the door is open for him to play a show with us anytime. I enjoy meeting people and musicians like everyone have to balance their lives with responsibility and time pursuing their dreams. Even after arriving near 4am, everyone plans to be up early taking care of important Monday tasks.



Sunday, September 28th, 2008 1:54 PM PDT




This journal will be nice to read over time. however I sometimes get behind and it stays on my to do list for awhile. Moving this year really set me back on a lot of projects. You know moving to a brand new city is very time consuming.  This weekend Matt Powers and Howard Smith are on for shows. I meet Howard and Mat at the gig in Three Rivers. This gateway to Sequoia National Park is a wooded small town with a river running right next to the club. Beautiful location. Setting up we dig in for tunes. The crowd is a no show and we play to a hand full of music fans. There are a table of people here who saw me play here in the spring and they are having a good time dancing. Could be rain, Festival in Visalia or just not a night for music. We play good, pack up and talking with Jen the owner plan to wait until spring to rebook. I could use work close to home but will wait until tourist season returns.



Ah one of my favorite places YLP in Coarsegold. I don't know why but we just match up here at the club house and have a lot of fun. I have gotten to know people here and just hit it off with most folks. Love playing this room. Today lots of friends are here and Howard Smith is a long time resident with lots of fans for his drum work. Matt Powers moved here a few months ago and lots of people are enjoying meeting Matt and seeing him around town.The show is good one and as I drive back to Visalia, I am planning a super New years Eve show at the Blue Heron in Coarsegold.  




Monday, September 22nd, 2008 2:40 PM PDT




Matt O. and Mr. Powers arrive in Visalia for a show in Redwood City part of the Bay Area. driving along talking and still up from our trip to Oregon. locating the club we are soon set up and heading for a nearby pizza place for dinner. I have two long time buddies here and Mike B. and Big Rick join us for dinner. Walking back to the club Rick and I stop by the Little Fox to see what's going on for music tonight. Nothing as it turns out. I would like to get booked here. Most rooms are tough to get a booking, some harder than others. You send a press kit, call and hope they take a chance on your band. I travel a lot to work all the time. Tonight the crowd is here to see me and hear my songs. Scott the Hunter, his lovely lady Lynn and many more friends are here. Even some nice people from Twain Harte in town for the SF Blues festival drove down the 101 to dance to some Rockin' Blues guitar. The show goes smooth and it is nice to have a club to play here in Redwood City. I went to Jr. High here and a bit of my freshman year here in school. I remember my mom driving me and Big Rick to guitar lessons on Saturdays to a still open music store near this club.the band plays great Mr. Powers and Mr. Oloffson lock in on the grooves and the show Rocks. I get a chance to visit with friends and this kinda carries me back to Visalia about three hours away. Near 4am the band drives into Visalia. Always an easy drive when the band is playing tight and the crowd is with us at the shows.




Monday, September 15th, 2008 9:14 AM PDT





Road Trip! Ok, first Matt O. and Matt Powers and I leave on Thursday for Medford Oregon. This is an eight hour drive right up the center of Ca. on Highway 5. Great vibes, lots of music talk and dinner in Redding at you guessed it, Home town Buffet. I love the selection. We are ready to eat and there is only about two and halk hours left to go to check in. Arriving in Medford I can see a nice section on the other side of the freeway. My motel pick from the internet is a dive. Gee. What's up with these photos of the place. We are downtown and near the bars so the place is going strong with people parting until after three. The next morning we have a great breakfast and drive through some of the most beautiful countryside. This part of the USA looks like New England, green forest and lakes and rivers. Amazing! Pulling up to the Florence convention center I am greeted by the promoter who is a very nice guy wishing to help make our visit and show smooth. Terrific! We are first up this evening so we get a long sound check on a big stage and great PA. As the check ends in walks this Sax player who turns out to be an Ace musician from the NBC show "the tonigt Show with Johnny Carson" He rips and agrees to join us on stage for our show. The place is packed with Blues fans and we are ripping into the tunes. lots of dancing and a solid oncore. After a huge dinner at a nearby casino we drive all the way back to Medford to our motel from the past. What year was this place built? Very ready to sleep. 


The open road, great mountains and National forest all the way to Ukiah. Shasta Mountains. Huge!

After a ride along Clear Lake we pull into Ukiah and check in. The show goes well at this kinda organic grill and brewery. Talking with the locals the crowwd is smaller tonight due to the rain last night and possible rain tonight. 40% of the economy here is on homegrown smoke. The growers are worried about mold on their stash. As a  non-smoker I don't know about this, as a business I get it.  Back to the motel to get rest and plan for S.F.


A beautiful fall day and we are driving across the Golden Gate bridge in to San Francisco. Along the marina there is a kite flying festival. Kites of all styles flying in the wind above the bay. Fantastic! Lou's is a special club. The crowd is from all over the world visiting S.F. and tonight Mr. Oloffson, Mr. Powers and I are on a roll as the place is in a full tilt boogie. After midnight we drive out on the Bay bridge for the ride home across the central valley. Livermore, Tracy, Modesto, Fresno and about 4am into Visalia. Glad to be home yet what a lot of fun this journey has been.





Sunday, September 7th, 2008 1:24 PM PDT




With a plan to meet musicians near Visalia I connect with Matt powers / Bass and Howard Smith / Drums. We hook up by chance after I got their numbers from musicians I had talked with. Here in the country you need to just get out and ask around as there is no musician's contact service. One call leads to the next and soon you are meeting fellow musicians. Tonight we are in Coarsegold's Yosemite Lakes Clubhouse. One of my favorite places to play. Howard and Matt live near here and I am only about 90 minutes away. In the city there are rehearsal halls where you rent a studio to rehearse. In the country everybody jams at someones house. Often it is the drummers because he needs to play and have somewhere where you can not bother anyone with sound. Howard was nice to let Matt and I pull the songs together at his house. My first show without Los Angeles musicians. The crowd is small tonight with mostly people I have met here from Sunday shows. Still we boogie and it goes well. Much thanks to the friends who showed tonight. 



This day starts with a three and half hour drive from Visalia to Santa Barbara. Wow. Up into the Santa Barbara mountains on highway 154 to Paradise store an historic general store for campers and people visiting a nearby lake. My friend Allen is here, former owner who put long hours into keeping this place running and built a great stone stage on the side of a hill. I meet the new owner Mark and his wife and we get some food from the excellent BBQ grill here. The show goes very good, Adam Gust slaming the drums and Oscar Huguet tearing into his six string bass. The people are digging the songs and the weather is perfect. Playing outside is fun and the sound in this small out door venue is nice. We pack up the gear and as I say goodbye to Adam who is getting ready for a two month tour with the Red Elvis's things change. Oscar announces he will be taking time off to take care of his 86 year old mother. I call Matt Powers on the way through Grover Beach and he says he will travel to Oregon with Matt O on drums and myself next Thursday. This is super news! I need to get the truck ready and rehearse with Matt P. to travel 12 hours north into Oregon in four days. Today ends the long standing Oscar Huguet's bass playing with the shows. 




Monday, September 1st, 2008 9:25 AM PDT








Sunday, August 17th, 2008 7:06 PM PDT





My family is in town to visit us in Visalia. Our first backyard grill and major house party here. Oscar and Adam arrive from LA around 1pm and we are soon in the truck on the way to YLP. Coarsegold is in the foothills at the southern entrance to Yosemite National park. The Sunday's here are a wild time with everybody going for it and the band just loves the kindness the folks here show us. On many Sunday's friends host a pre-show party at their home and we stop by to say hi. Today Lisa has invited us, and we enjoy visiting with everybody. Lisa gives me three little started plants for my place. Later she brings us some great take home food from the BBQ. Lisa you are very nice to us! The club house has an amazing major buffet, with all the extras. Dave Henderson a cool local singer sings a couple of tunes and the crowd always likes to hear us work together. As the show starts in walks Laurie G. with her Mom Syl. What a great surprise! Adam and Oscar play great and will be home in LA by 1:30am. I enjoy that my new town Visalia is central to my shows so I get home tonight in about 90 minutes.




Monday, August 11th, 2008 12:30 PM PDT




After being away from Hollywood for three months I have a ton of things to do while I am in town. I am out the door at 7am and roaring down highway 99 with a 10:15 appointment and meeting appointments about every 90 minutes. My Lawyer, CPA, Dentist, Guitar tech, friends, Gusipi Franco and on and on. My sister Maryanne is in Beverly Hills today with her grand daughter so lunch at one of my favorite lunch places is in order. At the last possible moment I am on the way to Anahiem. Driving over Beverly Glen canyon, along Mulhulond Drive that is way above the city with a view like from an airplane. This city is amazing, everything you could ever want and more. The city of dreams.

 I have not seen Adam for awhile, as he tours with the Red Elvis's during summer. Oscar and I along with Adam and Sonjia have dinner and visit before the show. I play in the resturant so it is mostly people on vacation eating before they get back out to Disneyland. After the show I follow Adam and Sonjia to there place and stay in the guest room. The truck is sounding like there is motor trouble or something. This is not good. I plan to get up way early and get on the streets. It is already 2am.


Out the door early and over to a repair shop for the truck. They find the power sterring is leaking fluid and seeing how they are contacts from way back will fix it today as a rush order. Demtri the owner lends me a very fast sports car and I am on my way around the city doing things. The traffic is a nightmare. Going from place to place no time to have lunch. I am moving Cali Bee music to Central Ca., lots of thing to do today. A quick stop by Performance guitar to see Yasue and Kuni, pick up my Strat from a set up and out into rush hour traffic.

I get the call that the truck is ready, steam cleaned the engine of fluid and repaired. The show is early in Riverside, 6pm on the lawn in front of Harley - Davidson Riverside store. Lots of people, BBQ going, Matt O and Oscar arrive together from Los Angeles. The show is Rippin' hot, the band opens with a 90 miniute set and after a dinner break and CD sales we close up smoking through some Blues. Wow. What a blast. We talk with the store manager about a huge Bike rally for 2009. Yes. What a great day. I head south to my sister Maryanne's home to spend the night. After a cell call to hook up she meets me at the drive way and offers some hot soup and easy conversation. We always have a few laughs together, she is very kind and nice. Tomorrow I will visit family here in the Oceanside area My niece has a new baby boy.



 What a super start to the day. Southern California has the best weather. traveling back home after the show tonight. I have a wonderful visit with my sister's family and drive up the coast to Huntington Beach. This is the surf capitol and it is a wonderful resort. The Hyatt is huge. I load in at the service entrance where the delivery trucks back up to the loading dock. On to a elevator and get completely lost. The stage is on a court yard plaza with a view of the ocean. Beautiful! Oscar is late stuck in traffic, Matt o. is late in traffic, my friend Kirk Nelson is booked to play keys and he is right on time. There is a delay from the hotel to wait for a wedding to end so the musicians get a break and late works out ok. The show is a lot of fun and my Southern Ca. friend Princess is here tonight having fun for her Birthday. Happy Birthday Princess! I get to sell some CDs and soon the gear is back on the truck. The landplane is moving accross freeways heading for the Grapevine and out to Central Ca. This was an incredible  three days in Southern Ca. Loved  it!



Sunday, August 3rd, 2008 1:55 PM PDT





Matt O and Oscar drive up from LA on nice summer day. With the gear on board we are on our way up Highway 41 towards Coarsegold. When I first player this gig a few years back I really liked the area and the people that live around Yosemite Lakes Park are supper nice. At that time I never would have thought that a few years later I would be living 90 minutes away in Visalia. Life is funny that way. Tonight's show is outside and it is hot out but as the evening goes on it settles into a classic summer's evening. We play music as everyone is sitting on the lawn with the lake behind us. Excellent location. Lots of famlies here tonight and after the show a small group of kids, maybe between 1st and 6th grade age gathers round and I sign autographs and we talk about how much fun summer is. I want to say Thank you to Dave Henderson who brought the lights so we could play outside.



On a classic summer day Oscar, Matt and myself are having breakfast at Mimi's in town. They are staying over at my place so we have time to get around Visalia and check out Guitar Center and other places. We leave for Vinney's, about an hour plus up highway 99, around 7pm. Smooth show on Main street, we get some folks in late and rip into a lot of classic rock that don't get a chance to play.


Summer on the Wharf is huge. People from all around the world. Tonight the crowd is Rockin' and it is shows like this that make all the difference.  The band is so up when the music is right and everyone in the club has a great time. We leave for Visalia and get in around 4am.



Monday, July 28th, 2008 9:23 AM PDT




After talking with Pro Harp player Tumbleweed, he is on his way to Fresno tonight to sit in with the band. Top LA drummer Matt O. is in town with Oscar and we drive over to the Crossroads club. Nice room, full PA and soundman. We are playing two shows in concert for $8 at the door ticket. We get a good crowd and the sound is good as we rip into the tunes. Playing lots of blues and Tumbleweed is playing strong on the harp. Another pro harp player is in the audience tonight, David Bonner who sits in at the Blue Heron. Harp can give you a blues sound for sure. The group plays great and we do alright at the door. The Fresno Bee had ran a story and that helped bring people in. Cool club hope to play here again. 



Checking in at security, Oscar, Matt O. and I turn in our drivers license's. Then we cart the gear to the stage located in the center of the gambling floor. We have a nice group of people gathered around and I sell a few CDs. The food is terrific at the buffet, the shows are played right to the minute and soon it is time to pack up. These shows are really top 40 gigs, Blues plays well to this crowd so I can work here tonight. I write my own stuff too, kinda blues rock pop songs and I can perform some of my songs too. I know from living in Hollywood for 20 years that artists want to write and perform their own songs. This is a road that takes each writer through a lot of Hollywood experiences, trying to find a buyer for their songs. A way to bring attention to their work and make money to live on from their songs. This is tough, but sometimes you get lucky and amazing things happen It is worth the time and effort to try, no matter what becomes of your success or no success. The experience of going for it in Hollywood will be with you all your life and at least you gave it a shot. Often people leave Hollywood with all kinds of good things that are not even related to the entertainment business.




Monday, July 21st, 2008 8:19 AM PDT




Rod Fowler does not want to work with Oscar, I don't have anyone else to work the shows. Rod had said he would do me a favor and play Fri & Sat. That's it. Everyone is mellow and get along it is just some drum and bass players don't groove together. Who knows why. I'm a guitar player. Locating the entrance to our stage we pull up on a super morning. A country band sounds out of it but play on. I wounder how the booking works. After a walk around the festival and photos, we set up. Not many people at first, then the crowd just keeps getting bigger. The set is clean, I'm stressing because the grooves are a mess, but we still get a good mix and vibe. I announce that CDs are on sale after the show and after I put my guitar down a huge line of buyers and blues fans are in front of this six foot off the ground stage. I'm bent down signing and selling CDs. The stage manager wants my gear off the stage. He can see the amount Fans, so he helps move the gear so I can keep meeting and greeting. Bars are not the same, festivals are about fans, Blues, and buying CDs. Very cool to gig here. Later we back up the gear and drive to Santa Clara and check in. Not much time before or second show of the day!



After resting up at a creepy motel. Man did I pick a cheap dive. We load up and roll up Highway 17 to Ben Lomond. Tonight is great because my friends Scott and Lynn are here and my long time buddy Steve S. is playing guitar with the band. Before we play Rod F. resets up his drum kit with the hi - hat on the other side then he usually plays, making the cymbals right in my ear. What can you do, he says he plays better this way. The crowd is cool and we rip intp the songs. I have made friends here although Sunday's are way better for me to play here. I notice that at my clubs I do better business on Sunday's. Maybe my crowd feels like hearing Rockin Blues on Sunday. I don't know.



 We are up and out of this run down motel six and off to the buffet at Hometown B, one of my favorite places to eat touring. I stop at Kine's truck stop in Fresno and Rod F. unloads his gear. I have been lucky to have Rod cover these dates but tonight a smoking drummer from Los Angeles is meeting us in Visalia and will play at the Blue Heron. The show is ripping with lots my friends here tonight. One of the clubs in Ca. that really enjoys my music and we always have a good time. Matt is a hit with the crowd and Oscar plays well with Matt O. Later we return to Visalia about 90 minutes from the club and Matt and Oscar jump in Matt's car and are flying down 99 towards LA. Traffic is light and they look forward to getting in about 1am. It was good weekend but sooner or later I will need to find musicians here in the Central Valley.


Monday, July 14th, 2008 3:43 PM PDT




Moving to the Central Valley has kinda put me in a bind for musicians. I don't know anyone here and my Los Angeles players are three hours away. Oscar takes the Greyhound bus in today. he says that it is not that bad, just kick back, read and then your there. Ok. I meet him in nearby Goshen and we drive directly to Fresno. The club wants the gear set up by 6pm so there is no disruption with the dinners and waiters. After we set up back to Visalia for dinner and then back to Fresno. Wow. I drive a lot. Rod Fowler is on drums, I met him some how and got the CDs to him and he says he is ready for work. Now I remember, I met him playing a quick gig with the Central Valley blues Society. He kept my card and gave me a call. The show is alright, however Oscar and Rod do not agree on the groves. Sat. is more of the same with a late night crowd that does not seem to listen to the music. Some nights are better then others. I like that I'm close to home but this room is not right for me. I think that moving to a new place can be rough and have it's draw backs. Still I love the new excitement and challenge of moving to Visalia and the Central Valley.



Monday, July 7th, 2008 6:34 PM PDT




This show was postponed due to power outages in the area. Will post the make-up date. We did not find out until we arrived at the club. Sorry for the late notice.



Joe Miller is traveling with Oscar and I this weekend. A Visalian for a very long time, it is nice to have a local cat on board. We leave for Hollister early, crossing the valley floor on 198 highway. Talk is about the area as I am interested in learning all I can about my new part of California. Traffic comes to a stop on the intersection of one way to Gilroy and the other to Hollister. Soon we pull up to the beer garden and set up. A band before us would like to play a little longer, they drove all the way from Ohio. Ok, do another set. Sandy is here and brings a huge electrical cable to tie into the generator. We set up and rip into the tunes, the crowd is rockin', lots of friends are here. What a blast. The event is as big and peaceful as always. Thanks Horse Power productions for a very well produced festival.



I stop by Joe's house and we are off to the City. One of my favorite places, Lou's on the wharf. What can I say it is always a good one. Joe Miller plays solid and before we know, we are crossing the bridge on our way back to Visalia. Three hours later we pull in. Joe has to be at work at 6am and Oscar is on the 7:05am greyhound bus back to Los Angeles. These guys are tough musicians. 




Monday, June 30th, 2008 8:56 AM PDT






Matt O. on drums and he is on the road heading towards Visalia. He has been up all night coming off a late night show in LA. Oscar is all ready in town and we wait for Matt. First the call he is close and then he is here and we quickly load the drums and we are on our way to Exeter. The scene is a classic Fourth of July park gathering, we are set up to play the Gazebo. It is fun on a nice hot summer day. My friends Gary and Monica bring their dog Rony and LG is here everyone is enjoying the music and wandering through the stands and booths. Later we all go to the new Indy Jones movie and watch fireworks over the city from the ball park. 



Staying in Modesto today, we drive up on to the mountain and play Lonny's place Big Daddy's. Matt and Connie are here and it is always nice to see good friends. They often see us play around the state, traveling a lot like the band does. After a super show, Lonney hands me a check for payment. Hmm, he never does that. On Monday I find out the check is no good. I call and he says he will pay when business gets better. He never does, and he is the only club in the state of California that has ever burned us for a show. We lose all the expense of motel, food, gas and wages.  



Over the San Mateo bridge and in to Redwood City. This is my first show here and my buddy Big Rick has put together a great event of long time friends from San Carlos High school. There was a neighborhood around Farm Hill Blvd. and Canyon Road where everybody knew each other growing up. Lots of people are here and everybody is having lots of fun. Murph the owner is Rockin' and Big Rick, Mick B, Paul W., John Henry, lots and lots of friends who know each other for a long time. Miss Monique is here and Big Rick and Monique take a super photo on Big Rick's Harley. Monique looks terrific! We load up and head for Visalia after a fantastic day in Redwood City. Big Rick has a lot of friends. 



Tuesday, June 24th, 2008 8:08 AM PDT





On Thursday I leave Visalia early and drive to Los Angeles and pick up Oscar, stop by pick up two book cases in Westwood and on our way North. Seven hours later I am dropping off the bookcases, loading our music gear and heading for Reno, about five or six hours away. We are driving through thick smoke over highway 80. The forest fires are huge and the smoke covers two states. The traffic is light over the pass and the air clears up as we pull into Reno. Dinner and rest as I am due to start press at 5:30am.

First up is a television show on Virgina Street, next is the NBC television outlet here. A cool morning show, sing and play my acoustic. The casino has provided a Limo for the day. After some breakfast we are on our way to a top radio show for an hour of promotion live with the DJ and Beverage people from the casino. Each stop is a lot of fun and I'm playing acoustic live on the air. Back at the casino I join the ESPN broadcast live afternoon show. The top drive time show here is next with some acoustic "Pride and Joy". Back to rest and dinner, getting excited about the show Saturday.

I leave for the Reno airport to pick up Adam who is flying in from Chicago. He is on time and we truck back to the casino so he can have breakfast and meet at the stage. The sound and stage are great and at 11:30 we lay down a very strong 90 minutes of Blues Power! My cousin and her family are helping me sell CDs and folks are into it. My brother and his wife are here for support. West Coast Rockers editor Leigh is taking pictures and after the show I meet a lot of nice blues fans. My good friends from Nevada City area, Joni and David are here from California. Thank you for your support! There are thousands on Virginia street here today! My cousin Sheri hosts a lunch for the family and around six pm I am driving over the Donner pass towards Visalia. This was one of the most fun weekends, filled with solid promotion Rippin' music and lots of very supportive and nice people.



Monday, June 16th, 2008 8:01 AM PDT




I leave Visalia early in the morning and drive to Los Angeles about three hours away. Jim Kersey from Led Zepagin in playing drums this weekend along with Oscar Huguet on Bass. As I'm driving into town the temp gauge for the outside reads 111. It is a major heat wave. We load the gear and with the truck stressing drive north on the 101 freeway. In Grover Beach the temp is the same! Right next to the ocean! They are breaking records here today. We set up and the President of the SLO Blues Society is here to introduce the show. After ripping it up until midnight we load up and head accross the state to Visalia. Whipping through the quiet roads of 46 and onto 41 and 198. Nothing out here for miles.  It's about 3am when we pull in. The band is staying at my place and it feels nice to be here rather than a motel. Super location Visalia, right in the center of the state.



Jim is a monster drummer,even looks like John Bonham. Tonight we are playing the baseball park with a great big PA system run by the talented eng. Andy Border. We play last and it is exciting for me to play a show in my new hometown. The stage monitors are sounding good so the band flys into the songs with long ripping solos. The crowd is having fun with the music, all the different types of brews and food. Classic summertime fun. I have some good friends here, Moneka, Gary, Tammie and her husband, plus a lot of friends from BBQ and Blues shows.



Jim and Oscar are staying at the Holiday Inn in Visalia. This one of the biggest and best Holiday Inn's anywhere. After lunch we are on our way to the city. Up 99, across 152, north on 5 and three hours later we are loading gear into Lou's. It is a back alley along the water, sea gulls everywhere and the smell of the docks, fresh air but salty. Lou's is a long time fixture here in SF, with the most famous Blues bands getting there start here. I think it was founded by a women with the last name of Lou. The food is served downstairs and the bar and music are upstairs. The band tends to play long shows here because the crowd is going for it and really parties hard. Tonight we are into it and after three shows in a row are on our game and rip. Later we load the gear on a warm San Francisco night and head out over the bay bridge. I am always very up after the shows and drive three hours back to Visalia, gliding in about four am. The next morning I drive to Los Angeles and back. Wow! 



Sunday, June 8th, 2008 9:07 PM PDT

THIS WEEKS SHOWS HAVE BEEN POSTPONE. FRIDAY, JUNE 13 in UKIAH and SUNDAY JUNE 15th in COARSEGOLD are postponed and will be rescheduled.

This weekend was built around Big Daddy's BBq in Twain Harte and Lonney cancelled the show with no notice to the bands. Bad business. The drummer young Matt O. could not make the weekend because he could not leave Los Angeles until Friday morning, to late to travel to Northern Cal. I was dealing with a family emergency . The Yosemite Park promoter was contacted and Ukiah was alerted and everyone was nice to postpone the dates. We very rarely move shows. Sometime you have to.


Monday, May 26th, 2008 6:37 PM PDT


 After my first week living in Visalia, Adam, Oscar and I drive to Vegas. I had drivein south on 99 early and meet them at Oscars place. I am still buried in boxes and in  a moving mode  back at the house. We breeze across the desert and into town. The gig is at a new mall in a very nice eatery. Louis is a famous  chef from the south east. My good friends John and Shirley booked the gig and have gotten us all rooms at a near by hotel / casino. The food is great southern cooking and we have fun playing blues at a low volume. My nephew arrives later (cool local bass player) and Shirley and her friends are here and things are smooth.  Vegas is growing to be much more than casinos on the strip. It is now just a great big city with beautiful places for locals to go and have an experience like the best of Los Angeles or New York. The next morning we are up very early as I can't wait to get back home and keep unpacking and moving in. I look forward to expanding my tour dates to include Nevada all year long.-------------------------------------------------------------------

Sunday, May 18th, 2008 9:44 PM PDT


Rich Smith is on drums this weekend. We drive north to Sacramento and check in. I am excited because I will be moving to Visalia next weekend. The shows sat. and sun. will be in a hometown and I will see lots of friends. Tonight the show is in a nice hotel with a great dance floor. Joni and David are here for dinner and dancing and I meet some very nice regulars to the club. Randy the promoter is very cool and this date keeps in Sacramento. I love playing shows in Sac. Great blues town. 


I am going to stay in Modesto and drive in and out of the mountains today. It is Memorial weekend and the room rates are very expensive. There is a Hometown Buffet near our rooms that we all like. As I drive up to the club it is clear that the building is an historical landmark.This was the head office for the big lumber mill here. Tree cutting permits and all mill business was done from here. The club is full and the food is very good. Great fun to see my long time friends from school, like Les, Connie, Tim, Bob C. as well as Rewood City friends Big Rick and John Henry. Kinda of rainy and damp out tonight. Nevada City friends Joni and David are here celebrating Davids Birthday!


Today the sun comes out and it feels like the start of summer. We set up and eat here at the opening of this new location for Big Daddy's.Lots of people here and Tumbleweed, ace harp player is sitting in. The band is ripping some Rockin' blues. Alot of classmates are here, Cathy t. and Connie and Matt along with a friend Jack french who was on the school track team with me. Later we are taking a back road called Highway 59 to Merced. Dark and narrow, but the truck makes every turn easy. I am staying at my new place tonight. First time to sleep over. there is nothing but a bed yet how I look forward to my first night in Visalia. I have lived in Los Angeles for over 20 years so it is fun to get ready to make the move to Central California. -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008 8:51 AM PDT


Adam, Oscar and I drive south to HOB. Right after going through security, I have a flat tire. I never have a flat with my michelins. There spikes in the road did not lower enough. You know the ones that you can't back up over, one way only. So I call triple A and wait until five minutes before downbeatI'm all set up so the drive speed changes the tire and I race upstairs and go to work. Wow, can things work right sometimes. 



I get up go over to my locker in Culver City grap a spare and have it put on. We are all going to Long Beach tonight for a show on the marina looking out at the sail boats and Pacific. Super location. On Sax is Phil from New York and Joe Robb. They sound terrific together and give the trio a big sound. A few photos and we can hardley drive away from visiting with Joe and his son Bo. Great evening show here, really enjoy Southern Ca on nights like this. 



It is very hot today. Over 100 degrees and we are on our way up to Ventura and then turn inland. The place is so crowded they can't find a place for us on the patio. The manager says you will have to set up on the side of the road. I don't think so. The owner is contacted and they move us in to the nice cool bar. Better. My friend Bill T. is here and we are talking about how oil companies are selling less because people are driving less. he works for a big fuel company. Sonja is here with Adam and they are going up the coast after the show. Everybody gets some BBQ and even later as we load the truck it is stilll hot.  Ojai is one of the best little towns in the state.




Monday, May 5th, 2008 10:04 AM PDT


 Into Hollister for a pre Rally gig. This is a beautiful building restored and remodled into a very nice bar. Could be in S.F. it is so stylish. This was a bank and still has vaults. The show is smooth with locals stopping by and saying " I saw you at the '07 biker rally".


Crossing the valley floor and over to Madera. We are traveling with an excellent sax player from upstate New York this weekend. Dennis the owner is here handling a rally and BBQ. The show is rolling and Manny the Harp comes in and rips on some tunes. The band sounds cool and we are soon on our way to the Bay area to get ready for Lou's on Sunday. 



Everyone is ready for breakfast and the ride into the city.The weather is terrific and after we set up the band is walking around the wharf. Lou's is a blast, the crowd is into having a great time.Summer is going to be very big. The next morning the sax player and drummer drive highway one all the way to Los Angeles. Oscar and I are back in Hollywood at mid day.




Monday, April 28th, 2008 8:39 AM PDT


Adam, Oscar and I are on our way up 99 to Hanford. great time of the year in the Central Valley. This event is a big gathering ofr all the locals in downtown Hanford. The main street is closed and thousands plus vendors are on hand to start this weekly event. We are honored to be the first band of the year. The show is smooth and a great Harp player named Manny R. sits in and plays great. I like the western feel of this historic town. They have an ice cream shop on the square here that is the best in the state!


Working with a great promoter in this area we move over to Visalia and check in to the best Holiday Inn I have visited. This place has everything and very nicely appointed. Next to the airprot here and I see a lot of private jets. Visalia is a super city! The show goes very well with temp. spring like and everyone in town seems to be here. Moneka and Gary bring lots of friends and Tammie T. is here with family. I am meeting more people all the time from Visalia and I really like this city. Due to the next night being postponed the band returns to Los Angeles for a day off.



This is Oscars first visit to YLP and man do we have a good time. It is always a lot of fun at the club house and we just get loose. After the show we are in Los Angeles about 1am.



Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008 9:52 AM PDT


Adam, Oscar and I are on our way to Laughlin. This is going to be a big weekend. With an early show we arrive on Wed. night. to get an early start at set up. I was here in March and the weather has really warmed up although it is still nice yet hot. i like working with the promoters John and Shirley, they are very kind to all the performers. The crowds keep getting bigger as we head towards the weekend. Friday night and the place is jumping, Scott the sax man from Coarsegold is in town and he is rippin' on stage with us. What a fun night to have Scott on sax with this size crowd. My friend Angelo is here and we visit after the show. I am selling a few CDs and meeting people between shows. By Saturday we are into it and Adam's friend Sonja is here to add to this very cool festival. After the show Adam and Sonja drive to Colorado. Oscar and I plan to take the gear back to Los Angeles. We leave at dawn to avoid the mass exodus of thousands of Harley riders on Sunday. Terrific weekend. Posted some pictures. Hope I can be here next year! 



Monday, April 14th, 2008 10:08 AM PDT


Oscar and I drive up through Highway 68 from Bakersfield to Santa Maria. This is a terrific highway throygh some nice back country yet moves along fast. Adam has his Mon and Dadin town this week so they are traveling together. I get a chance to meet them at Mongos while we set up. They deciede to go to Avila to view sunset and see the giant Sea Lions who wait for the fisherman at the dock. Later we have dinner at the club which serves a super meal. There are lots of people here tonight and the show runs past one. This club is owned by a former football star and is an excellent room. Oscar and I return to Los angeles tonight after the show getting in about 4am.


With a day between shows Adam, Oscar and I meet at 11am and drive directly to the Bay Area. I like to stay in Livermore because it is a great town outside of the busy traffic of the city. Tonight we play on the Wharf at Lou's on of my favorite rooms in the state. My friend Mike B. stops by to say Hi and I always meet people from all over the world here. Another super night at one of the best Cities in the country possible the world. I drive back early Monday morning to Los Angeles arriving about 2:30 in the afternoon.










Monday, April 7th, 2008 10:30 PM PDT


Adam is town this week, he tours with the Red Elvises band, so we are onto a week of shows. We cruise over to the back door of the Four Olives Cafe. Small place, they pull a table out so we can set up. Mellow, jazzy riffs to have dinner by. Doug and the crew have been very nice to me, played two huge New Years eve shows here. The place is quiet tonight, business has been down, this would be my last show here. 



Out the door and on our way the house of the Mouse! The place is jamming, downtown Disney, people visiting Disneyland plus locals. We just kick out one long 90 minute set of Blues. This has been a good room for me in Southern California. My friend Rich Smith is drumming with his band upstairs at the show room and stops by to listen and have a drink. We travel together for shows on Memorial Weekend.



My first shows in Fresno. This is a large city. Most people don't know that this city has an international airport and as many big malls and clubs as say San Diego. Tonight the place is very crowded. There is a nice eatery and a bar. People sit at the large booths with friends and dance when the mood hits. Two night is great with the gear set up overnight. The next day I am off to see downtown, the Tower district, a cool Melrose ave type of street. A collection of small shops. I look forward to more visits here because this city will one day be one of the biggest in California. Thanks to the staff here for making us feel welcome.  



Down highway 99 and up to the mountains. This cool little town is just before the entrance to Sequoia Nation Park. We set up next to a roaring river on an outside patio. I have a lot of friends here from Visalia. We play past sunset because everybody is having a great time outside with the spring weather. Kinda like the band was camping out and we set up at our camp ground. Well maybe not, still the day has an outdoors roughing feel. A lot of fun. Thanks to my friend for being here.



Monday, March 31st, 2008 6:25 PM PDT


Playing drums this weekend in Danny G. He has worked with Guitar Shorty and Eddie Money. We are on our way up highway 99 and I stop by to show the guys my new house in the central valley. I play a lot all over the state so moving to the center is a good idea. After dinner in Fresno we pull up to Vinnyy's Place and set up.  Downtown Chowchilla is growing and a lot of new building. My friend who writes for the local paper drops by and we get a chance to visit. Danny plays well and we pack up around 1am and load out.



Staying in Modesto tonight because Waterford is about 20 minutes out of town. We are playing a long standing roadhouse is town. Filled with history and a loyal local crowd. There is a story in the paper about the show tonight and when we arrive there is a cool crowd out to see the show.The later it gets the wilder the crowd gets. Classic roadhouse with nice people. Waterford is a great little town with lots of history. 





After breakfast we are on our way to the mountains highway 120 to 108. This is the gold country with early California history. We are going to about 4,000 feet in elevation, lots of pine trees. This town was named after Mark Twain and Bret Harte two writers who lived in the areaat the turn of the century. Today's show is at the club house with lots of my friends from school here. Just a super day, and we are also raising money today for a good cause. After packing up the gear we leave for a 5 an d1/2 hour drive to Los angeles. Riding along talking about what a great weekend of music. Danny G. played some hot drums at the shows.




Monday, March 24th, 2008 2:42 PM PDT

Thursday, March 27 - House of Blues, Voodoo lounge - Anahiem









Tuesday, March 18th, 2008 7:03 PM PDT

Leaving LA on Thursday night Steve and I drive to Orange and pick up Kofi. We head out towards the 15 freeway and into the desert. Talking with Kofi about a subject he loves, outer space and the galaxy. Great stuff I like to learn, Steve joins in as well. We check into the Belle and rest for the shows on Friday.
Up early with a call from Christine the promoter about sound check and off we go to set up the gear. The shows go great with a super line up of Chris Hiatt, John Earl and Michael Burk. Blues fans out for fun with super weather. The PA company with Tec's Randy and Steve provide super sound. I get to sell CDs with the help of Shirley W. and meet some very cool people from all over the world! I'm starting into the second show around 7pm and my Nephew Jonathon arrives and what a great surprise and good time. Later my long time buddy from Glendale Angelo P. is here too. Wow! we gather at the Merch. table and visit with everyone while Michael Burk tears up a set of terrific Blues.

The band is rippin' with Kofi doing solo's on the Bo Diddley song and the crowd dancing. My nephew Jonathan and a buddy stayed over for the day show and Angelo brings his wife and daughter to the night show. Seth and Randall are here too, popular DJs on the air here in Bullhead City. Lots of contacts are made with Blues fans who I meet and talk with. What a great weekend. Just before we go on at 8:15 we check out of the hotel and call for the truck. We come off the stage and within minutes are packing gear and on our way back to Los Angeles. Traveling late into the night, missing Monday morning traffic and enjoying the feeling of a fun weekend of music. The desert is cool and wide open at night, like traveling through space with all the stars so clear and bright.

Friday, March 7th, 2008 8:09 AM PST

Steve and I pull into Williams looking for a favorite diner well know here.
Alas it has burned down and is being rebuilt. Those of you who know this town know which one I mean. Adam is on the phone and is driving in with Sonja so they can be together over the weekend. Later we set up at this cool lounge in the casino and I get a chance to talk to the talent buyer. This is a great part of California with the River near by and lots of history. My good buds Joni and David check into the casino hotel and this will give us a chance to visit over the weekend. The band is groovin' when in walks the two best dancers in California! Sarah and Frank make there way to the dance floor in front of the band and they know how to have fun!This is going to be a great weekend in Colusa!

Steve and I drive into Livermore this morning to have breakfast with our friends at the Railroad cafe. This a must for fine food. talking with Adam on the phone we plan to meet in the city at Lou's. With two shows planned for afternoon and night we get ready to rip it up! Sonja joins us for dinner between shows and the place is jumpin' with people out for a good time. I love playing this room! It is so much fun. The show ends late and we pack up with help from friends, saying goodbye for now we cruise over the bay bridge to the edge of town. Back to Southern Cali early in the morning.

Monday, February 25th, 2008 3:18 PM PST

ANAHEIM - Downtown Disney
The place is packed as we fire up! Tonight the crowd wants BLUES! So I'm into it for a mess of guitar with Steve and Adam laying down some deep grooves. It seems to fly by, what a blast. My favorite gig in Southern Cali.

Sunday, February 17th, 2008 1:20 PM PST

Adam, Steve and I are on our way out of Los Angeles with a light rain falling. Over the hill and direct to the club. Russ has asked us to stop by if we can but the rain is slowing us down. Pulling up we load in and grab a bite. Tonight is gonna Rock, because the crowd at YLP likes to have a GREAT time on the weekends. Scott the amazing sax player comes in and plays music with us and everyone knows everyone and it is a HOUSE PARTY. Love to work at the Blue Heron!

Leaving Fresno and driving towards Sonora through Merced. I put a CD in of a great interview with Jimmy Buffet with call in's from lots of country music stars. Great listening while driving. As we turn off of 108 the road gets very winding with switchbacks up to about 3,000 feet. This is the main road into Yosemite National Park. After meeting the club's owner and coffee we set up and kick back. after dinner we start and the club is rocking. The Jackson Girls are here tonight and what a lot of fun they bring! My good buds Connie and Matt drive in from Twain Harte and the place is having a lot of fun. Two big Iron doors at the entrance of this very old bar from the gold rush days.

After coffee at the bar we drive off the mountain towards the bay area. Lunch in Tracy and on in to the south bay and over 17 to Ben Lomond.
I enjoy playing this tavern up in the green hills above Santa Cruz. Sunday's the local crowd is out to dance. My friends Scott and Lynn are here tonight. Both are very cool and have been very supportive of my music. We get a chance to visit and Scott takes some photos. Scott and Lynn put together the Rockin' The Blues BBQ at their Santa Clara home each summer. The band is jammin' so we play on past closing time. Later we drive down 17 past San Jose towards our motel, what a great weekend.

Sunday, February 10th, 2008 8:13 PM PST

Hat Trick O'Brien is on drums tonight and Steve is back from Canada. A fun show! Saturday night Matt Lessor plays drums and the music rocks. On Saturday night T and Steve from Countrywide walk in and T has a video camera to tape the show. Great stuff. We get a table and visit between shows. Later Toni, a wonderful female blues singer and her husband Eric drop in to say hello and listen. As the evening ends I talk to the many friends I have met here over the months and thank them for their support.

Monday, February 4th, 2008 7:23 PM PST

Oscar, Rich and I meet up at this nice eatery on Atlantic Ave. It is quiet tonight just a few tables full at any one time throughout the evening. Doug the owner arrives and settles in for a nice meal. With the band playing some smooth Blues we cruise into 10pm. Doug tells us the good news the club will double in size with a new stage.

Adam joins Oscar and I to drive to the club. Traffic is moving and we are early, everyone gets a sandwich before the show. This is a country crowd tonight, lots of hats. Nice people out for a good time. We play dance tunes and the floor is filled. Set after set of music. I take some photos around the club and they are posted on my web site. This room is filled with history. Over 50 years of California music and nights like this one. Really glad to be included in the many musicians who have played music here.

Sunday, January 27th, 2008 6:52 PM PST

With on and off rain Adam, Oscar and I truck north. Loading into this very nice pool hall with lots of pro billiard tables, rain falling and not knowing what to expect. Soon the door is opening and friends are getting tables near the band. What a positive feeling to be traveling and my good buddy Rick S. is here with a friend Vickie. Blues lady Debra joins them at the their table and the band is on the move with tunes. Then my long time friends from back East, Dan, Donna and Audrey are here and the party is picking up. Kevin and Linda from Coarsegold had called friends from San Ramon big Matt and his wife Karen. They brought a lot of their friends and the dance floor was bumpin, Matt joins us on stage with his Blues Harp playing for some Further on down the Road Blues. Thanks to my buddy Ernie for hooking up this gig!

Today starts with a visit to my favorite breakfast restaurant, Railroad Cafe. Oscar is a major sports fan so it is all about the Super Bowl today. We all like to talk about the game so we put on the radio and drive into the city early. The freeways empty as everybody is watching the game somewhere. Set up at Lou's and head downstairs to the restaurant to watch the game on TV. This a big game! After the surprise ending, Oscar said New York would win. The crowd is upstairs and ready to Rock the Blues. The place is jumpin' and even when the lights come up at 10pm no one wants to go home. Today was a very high energy day!

Monday, January 21st, 2008 7:13 AM PST

The rain is heavy in Southern Cali and it could be a tough run. I'm on the phone with my nephew Jonathan. bass player for Tripl Krome out of Vegas. He is heading down to S.D. for a party and will see us on the next run. I meet Adam and Steve late in the day and plan to drive right to the club, no rooms just work. The food at the casino near by the club is great and we hang around until closer to show time. By now the rain has stopped and in we go, gear set up and rip into the tunes. There is a cool crowd here to see us, we don't get into Vegas much. After the first set I move some CDs and we dig in for the night. Set after set ending at 2:30am in the morning. With a good buddy, Charles from the Stoney Curtis band visiting while we load gear, suddenly it hits us. We are going to drive through heavy heavy rain to Los Angeles. Let's go. Tag team driving with the rain so heavy in the desert it is just us and the truckers. Around 8am we pull into the driveway at Steve's safe and sound. Might as well stay up and have breakfast. Black Coffee at sunrise! Vegas is a good one and I look forward to playing the Sand Dollar again.

Sunday, January 13th, 2008 9:22 PM PST
Known as the Valley here in Southern Cal, this hot spot is a lot of fun. Tonight I am visiting with Cheri and Adam rolls in directly from NAMM in Anahiem. This convention is huge with lots of musicians from around the world. We are ripping into the tunes with the Big O, Oscar on bass tonight. He plays a six string bass and is an excellent musician. Playing past one am we are into it tonight.. My friend Steve S. is in town so I plan to go to Namm on Sunday and see all the new gear and visit some friends at the booths.

Carter and a table of friends are here tonight and we are into talking music. David and his wife stop by to say hello and it is a great night here as always. Over the last few months I have met a lot of nice people who make this bar their own. Adam is playing at Namm each day and arrives without cymbals and jets to his house and back in record time. Sunday I spend the day at Namm meeting some amazing people who build and design gear. Kustom amps has a new tech and surprise me with some great new amps. A friend from Oklahoma calls and we get to meet at the drum booth to talk about exchanging info on touring in each others states. Later I am listening to the Green bay / New York game. Wow! What a game. New York wins and my friend Princess has to be happy. Princess is a true New York Giants fan. I am surprised the Giants are going to the Super Bowl.

Monday, January 7th, 2008 2:25 PM PST
Pulling into Hamburger Patty's in Old town Sacramento John T. from Twain harte is on the phone telling us how he is hearing one of my songs on a big Portland Oregon radio station. Wow! Let me call you from inside when we sit down so I can get all the details. Great way to start the weekend.
Later that night the tunes are ringing out and the band gets a chance to meet new friends at a very cool new bar for us. Song and I get a chance to meet, she runs a smooth bar with lots of the crowd there to say hi and visit with this hip bartender. The show is a good one and talking with a Sacramento Blues society member I find out the blues jams here on wed. are very popular.

The weather is cold but not that bad as we head up to the mountains and Nevada City. Last week was a lot of snow so this is easy driving and we are listening to the football playoffs on the radio. Steve, Adam and I have made a lot of friends in this part of California. tonight we are having dinner at a big table with Joni, David, Jack, Mike and friends are stopping by to join in tonight. A great bar run by Dianna and her husband. Festival John is here reviewing for his site and the wonderful Biker gal Simone seems to be everywhere in the room knowing all the Nevada City folks!

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008 12:48 PM PST

Rockin' the Blues to start the New year! The crew at this club is way cool and with a great crowd Downtown Disney is bumpin. Tonight BB King is upstars in the show room, the place is going nuts with the blues. Adam, Steve and I do a very funky version on the Thrill is Gone. Later backstage in the hallway the excitement is way up as BB gets ready to come out of his dressing room and talk with fans.

Out the door and up to Fresno for a weekend of fun. We are setting up in the casino when I get a call from Kelly inviting the band to dinner on Sunday in Coarsegold. Sounds good, the show is smooth tonight and we look forward to working here again.

the truck in rolling up highway 41 towards Coarsegold and the club house. This is always a fun gig and we are looking forward to seeing everyone. This place rocks big time! Kelly has a house full of friends and we are enjoying some great food before driving over to play music. Everybody is here tonight, Scott is blasting on sax, Robbo, Mike, Matt,
Linda, Kevin, it seems like the whole gang is here tonight. Russ and crew are here, just many friends from the area. The band is going for it and play past quiting time. Reports of snow on the grapevine are coming in and we may have to stay in Fresno as it is getting to late to drive to LA.



2008 Highlights:

Laughlin, Nevada - Blues and Brews Festival - March
Laughlin River Run, Nevada - April
Hanford Market Place (Opening Day) - May
Visalia Blues, Brews and BBQ - May
Reno, Nevada - El Dorado Casino's BBQ, Blues And Brews - June
Visalia Blues And Brews At The Ballpark - June
Exeter 4th Of July Celebration - July
Hollister Independence Rally - July
Gilroy Garlic Festival - July
Riverside - Skip Fordyce Harley Davidson - July
Huntington Beach - Hyatt Regency's Blues Festival - August
Florence, Oregon - Chowder, Blues And Brews Festival - September
Exeter Fall Festival - September
San Marcos - Biggs Harley Davidson Hawgtoberfest - October
Covina - Bluesapalooza Festival - October
Yosemite National Park - Lodge At The Falls - November
Coarsegold - Blue Heron at Yosemite Lake Park - New Year's Eve

Special thanks to Lou's in San Francisco, House of Blues in Anaheim, Skip's Harley Davidson in Riverside, Table Mountain Casino, Colusa Casino, Colorado Belle Casino, Crazy Horse Saloon, Shoreline Village in Long Beach, Casey's in Madera, River View Inn in Three Rivers, Crossroads in Fresno, Paradise Store in Santa Barbara, Swallows Inn in San Juan Capistrano, Lumberyard Brewing Co. in Sonora, Ukiah Brewing Company, Broadway Lounge in Redwood City, Henflings in Ben Lomond, Clubhouse Bar in Placentia, Sequoia Brewing Co. in Fresno, Crown Billiards in San Ramon and Vinny's Place in Chowchilla.

Thank you for all your support in media on television and radio from the Promotion Dept. at t he El Dorado Casino in Reno Nevada, John Earl and Shirley Williams at The Blues Company, Al Harbison at Screachen Magazine, Kelv Hellrazer/Glory Daze in England, VJ and Willie Brown at Sacramento Blues Society, The Fresno Bee, Sonora Union Democrat, West Coast Rockers, Zbands, Decent Xposure webzine, Laughlin Entertainer Magazine and all the air time and spins from my many friends in radio all over the world.

New Years Eve!

Sonora & Nevada City Shows

BW with Dianna, owner of Crazy Horse
BW with Dianna the owner of
the Crazy Horse Saloon in Nevada City

The Bears/ Mark, Kris, Connie, BW, Cathy, Dave

BW with the Bears

BW with Kelly, Shane and Kathern

BW with friends from Sacramento

BW with Linda my Blues friend

Blue Heron
Blue Heron
11/2 - BW / Moneka / Gary

bw and friends
BW with Sarah, the owner of Crown Billiards

Thanks to everyone at this years Halloween party at Crown Billiards with
Sarah, Kevin, and Russ
in San Ramon.


Halloween 08
Halloween 08
BW / Sarah / Kevin / Russ

BW with ILA Radio's DJ Mark

BW with Moneka
Pre-Birthday Party
10/25 in Visalia

Bluesapalooza 2008


Exeter Fall Festival
Exeter Fall Festival
Photo credit: Alex Centrella

BW with Mark, the owner
of the Paradise Store
in Santa Barbara

ceasar and lynn in ceasers grape vinyard
ceasar and lynn in ceasers grape vinyard
Scott The Duck Hunter
Scott the Duck Hunter
Special thanks to my friends in the Bay Area for all their support

BW with friends in Coarsegold

Brad was featured on July 12th, 2008 at the Hollister Independence Day Rally, California's largest
motorcycle rally.

Thank you to Horse Power Promotions for a great rally!
Special thanks to
Seth & Sandy.


BW with Leigh Davis
BW with Leigh Hurst, editor, West Coast Rocker

Gilroy Garlic Festival

Brad performed on Friday, July 25 - GILROY GARLIC FESTIVAL on the Vineyard Stage

Gilroy Garlic Festival

Gilroy Garlic Festival
BW with Gilroy Garlic Festival's promoters

Blue Heron Lounge in Coarsegold

BW with Jacob's family

Crossroads photo
Special thanks to everyone at the
Crossroads in Fresno



BW, Monique, Big Rick
BW with Monique and Big Rick

Monique & Big Rick in Redwood City at the BW show, July 6

Visalia Ballpark
Thank you to everyone in Visalia for an outstanding Blues & Brews Festival
at the Visalia Oaks Baseball Park.

Eldorado Blues Brews

Brad was the featured performer at the Eldorado Blues & Brews Festival in Reno, NV on June 28
on the 3rd Street Stage!

BW in Grover Beach with the President of the
SLO Blues Society

BW with Dell in Visalia

Moneka with BW in Visalia

BW with Gary in Visalia

Colorado Belle marquee

Special Thanks to Everyone at the Colorado Belle Casino for a very successful
Laughlin River Run 2008

Photo Credit: Angelo Paramonte


BW, Connie and Robert in Sonora

John Henry, BW and Big Rick in Sonora

BW with Friends in Sonora
BW with friends in Sonora


Hollister, CA May 2008

Hollister, CA May 2008


BW, with friends in Visalia

BW on stage with Scott the Sax man,
Dave the singer and Adam the Drummer
at the Blue Heron in Coarsegold

BW with friends in Coarsegold

BW with friends in Coarsegold


Laughlin River Run

Laughlin River Run
Nevada's Largest Bike Rally
Brad will be a featured performer on Thursday, Friday, Saturday
April 24, 25, 26
Showtimes at 1:30  4:30  9pm
at the Colorado Belle Casino

Laughlin River Run
Laughlin 2008

BW in Grover Beach at Mongos with
Mr. & Mrs. Gust, Adam and Sonja.


Brad Wilson at the Laughlin Blues & Brews
March, 2008

Blues & Brews

BW with Shirley Williams

Brad with Jonathan
BW with my nephew, Jonathan

BW in front of the Colorado Belle


Blues Brews
Photo Credit: Lisa Mealey
Blues & Brews 08, Laughlin, NV

Blues & Brews
Photo Credit: Lisa Mealey
Blues & Brews 08, Laughlin, NV

Lou's Pier 47
Thanks for the blowout Super Bowl fun at Lou's on February 3rd.

Thanks to everyone for rockin the blues
with us at the Sand Dollar.

Groveland, CA

Friends in Coarsegold

Iron Door in Groveland

Steve, BW, Adam

Friends in Coarsegold

Scott the Sax Man & BW in Coarsegold


Matt, Connie, BW

The Jackson Girls of "Wild Angels" in Groveland

BW outside Swallows Inn, Capistrano

Brad, Chris, Steve & T
Oh Grady's Pub

Dan, Donna, Brad & Audrey
Crown Billiards Feb 08

Special thanks to Matt and Karen for inviting all their friends and some great harp playing when he sat in with the band.

Debra & BW
Crown Billiards Feb 08

Big Mike, Brad, and Harley David

Brad, Joni & David
in Nevada City

Chief Crazy Horse in Nevada City

Chief Crazy Horse in Nevada City