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memorial day weekend

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Michael Burks
Alligator Records'
Blues Star Michael Burks
on stage with BW
and Blues Guitarist
Preston Shannon


BW with Luke Nelson

Cynthia Fox, BW and Luke Nelson (Willie Nelson's son)


“a happening band BRAD WILSON ...his new CD is called HARD WORKIN BLUESMAN....and he tours a lot......his song "House of Love" was featured on Regis and Kelly.......Brad was also on the cover of the March 2010 issue of SOUTHLAND BLUES........great great fun band.....” - Cynthia Fox


Darrell Mansfield and BW


photo credit: jjgray

photo credit: jjgray

Brad Wilson & Band - Live In Concert

photo credit: jjgray!


Sunday, December 26th, 2010 12:32 PM PST
Wishing you a Rockin' The Blues 2011 New Year!
Hope it is a good one for you with lots of fun and cool stuff!
Sunday, December 5th, 2010 10:08 PM PST
The rain is pouring down. It will be a record for the most rain in the history of Visalia!  Amrik, Brian and I load the F-150 and move out into the storm. Arriving at the casino we back up the truck to the load in point and move quickly. The gear is cased and I have a slicker on so it is the best we can do in a down pour. Once inside we are soon set up and a great crowd out for the holidays is dancing. The first set is 90 minutes because everybody wants to boogie! After midnight we are loading out and the storm is even stronger! The road is flooding driving down off the hill and the F-150 is sending waves of water off to the sides like a boat in a lake. The water pounds down, cars are pulled over and we continue on through the towns past the flooded fields getting into Visalia. Amrik is back out on the road to Fresno and I do a walk around the property checking the rising water all over the yards. Still it looks like the level will not enter the patio or front porch area. Just lapping at the edge.
Once inside I visit with my 17 year old cat Beebo who is not doing well with failing kidneys. He feels bad and does not want to eat. I am using a Sub Q hydration method with him to keep him eating a little. He still likes his favorite stuff and places to sleep and hang out so I will give him more time.
With this kind of storm weather and Beebo sick, it is better to hold up for a few weeks while I write and book the summer tour.
It has been a great year with lots of very cool stuff so I feel ok with slowing down for the holidays.
As I sit at my desk watching the storm through my window, I enjoy the pictures and memories of all the fun shows and visiting with friends.
2010 has been a good year.
Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 7:36 AM PST
With everyone in the mood for Christmas and the Holidays the band rolls into one of my favorite places! A huge thank you to all my friends here for supporting us at the shows! Amrick Sandhu on the drums tonight and Scott Bolsta is red hot on the sax! Wow! Merry Christmas to every one in YLP!
Monday, November 15th, 2010 4:50 AM PST
Larry is traveling tomorrow to the islands in the Cribbean. Brian has just returned from hunting in Montana. We make the short drive over to Hanford on a very cold night. Big Rick and his son Ricky along with Samantha are in town from Redwood City to see his baby niece Pam and her family for Thanksgiving weekend. We are all out on the patio here at the Irwin street inn and the weather is clear but cold. The evening has drawn some nice people due to a story in the Handford newspaper. Thank you Larry R. and Branford for making the story happen. Everyone is dancing and having a great time. We all check in with the temperature as we watch it drop to 32 degrees! At 32 degrees we agree to call it a night and go in doors. Still the night is a blast and shows that folks in the Central Valley like to boogie. Fun night, thanks for being there Big Rick and family!
With the new F-150, Larry, Brian and I drive south with no traffic snags and land in town for lunch. The truck has more room and can carry more equipment to shows. Plans are to travel out of state next year for more shows. The weather is very nice and we climb up on to the foothills above San Diego to a super nice small town called Romona. The concert hall is an original Fox theater remodeled into a very nice place to see a band.  The food for dinner is home cooked on site for everyone working and it is terrific! The show goes very well with three great bands and a great audience out for a good time! Thank you very much to everyone in Ramona for a super concert experience!
Monday, October 25th, 2010 6:49 AM PDT
It has been over a year since our last show here and I am looking forward to seeing everyone again! I have had a lot of fun nights here and the crowd really knows how to have a good time! Scott B. has his ganddaughter baby here and both Kelly and Scott are very proud to show her off to everyone. She is a beautiful baby! Lots of friends are here from YLP. Brian and Larry dig into some cool grooves and everybody is dancing. Michael the manager runs a good bar and the clubhouse staff is very cool. Even at 1am everyone wants to keep going! We will celebrate the holidays here on Dec. 4th!
Thursday, October 14th, 2010 5:58 AM PDT
Civic Center Park - Main Stage 6:30pm
Larry, Brian and I are traveling in the Ford F-150 today. It will be the new touring truck. It has a shell on the back and it can hold more gear ans more musicians. Part of the get ready for a huge 2011. Captain Kirk Nelson has brought his camping trailer and it his green room! Maile is here bringing great vibes and taking photos of Bluesapalozza. Mark Maverick top DJ from Radio LA is MC for the whole event! great to Mark and thank him for spinning my albums. The mighty Gene Carlson from LA BLUES SOCIETY is here along with the Studabaker club chairman Steve Brook. Tommy the pirate soundman has the band sounding SUPER as we rip into the tunes. With the weather looking like some rain we start early and the crowd is up for some Bluesin'!
Monday, September 27th, 2010 10:32 AM PDT
With Larry Donawa traveling a lot, Amrik Sandhu sharp drummer from Fresno is on to work these two nights at EMC. Plus, the casino buffet is back open from a recent remodel! We love casino buffet's. A little less people than usual on the gaming floor and I can't help but feel the economy and lack of jobs is effecting business. The folks here from Bakersfield are here to see the band and we roar into the tunes. This stage and the Summit room give us a chance to play the way we like. No holding back here! The managers are very supportive and watch the bands to book the best they can get. Thank you Eagle Mountain Casinp for your support! A shout out to Lilly for always being here for our shows. Thank you!
Monday, September 20th, 2010 11:29 AM PDT
Friday, September 24 - Irwin St. Inn, Hanford
Just a short ride from Visalia is the cool little town of Hanford. People are nice and easy going. This was a famous train stop in history, allowing the ranchers and farmers a chance to sell to San Francisco and Sacramento. The downtown square is like the commons in Boston. Tonight we are outside in the patio of the very old but super nice restaurant call the Irwin Street Inn. People are staying here in the rooms, having dinner and enjoying being outside on a beautiful night. The promoter Larry R. is building a crowd by booking the best local area bands,we look forward to playing here again.
Sunday, September 26 - Fisherman's Village, Marina Del Rey
The heat is on in So. Ca. today! We pull into one of the best places to be with the temp. heading over the 100's inland. The ocean breeze has brought large crowds to the marina and we are having a blast with everyone joining in. This gig is a new location for us but the crowds are huge and I hope we play here more. Years ago I would gig on Sunday's at a small bar in Venice called Hinano's. Sunday's at the So. Ca. beach are wonderful. Folks like to take the day and relax and just ease up be fore a new week. Today Gary the Harp man drops by to Jam and the band is rippin'!
Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 5:46 PM PDT
Saturday, September 18 - Tobin James Winery, Paso Robles
Brian is camping in Pismo this weekend. He plans to meet us at the winery. Kirk is camping at a lake in the Santa Barbara Mountains. Larry and I drive over from Visalia. Scott is at Pismo with his family and their boat. At around 5pm we are all at Tobin James winery to set up and sound check. This is an event for winery's, huge BBQ, wine, dancing and music. Sold out with several hundred people. My friends Moneka and Gary from Visalia are here along with lots of Visalian's. Kate Voegele, singer TV star is here and joins us on stage. The place Rocks with us on the singalongs and the band digs into some new tunes for the event. Close to the end of the night we play the song Hotel California for a classic California event. After the event we drive over to San Luis Obispo to check in and rest.
Sunday, September 19 - Paradise Store, Santa Barbara
Checking out and on our way. Larry and Brian's room did not have a working shower. We soon turn around 20 minutes in to the drive a small digital recorder was left in the room. The maid brings it to the front desk and we are on our way. The weather is nice and the drive to Paradise store is mellow.
With all three of us ready to eat we go right in and up to the cook and put in an order for sandwiches. Setting up I am told that the owners wife has been in a terrible car accident a few weeks back on highway 154. This road is very old and has many turns on a two lane road. The crew is carrying on and her husband Mark has taken work off of the mountain. Just before the first set the former owner of Paradise Store arrives and we visit for a bit. Alan and his famous german shepard dog put a lot of work into the Store and built the stone stage that will stand the test of time. The stage and grounds were carved out of the side of the mountain. Lots of work to do this. However due to his partner running off with the money to operate the Paradise Store he was forced to sell. This legendary California location is historic with the tales of keeping it open. Kirk is camping near by and has been enjoying the lake and beauty of the Santa Barbara mountains. The sets are ripping hot due to the cool vibes and we play some of the best we have ever played. This line up of musicians is proving to be an awesome band. Look out for what's ahead.
Monday, August 30th, 2010 11:30 AM PDT
Labor Day Weekend and Larry, Brian and I drive up to Stockton, meet Tumbleweed and drive to the Sierra foothills. Tonight is a super location with outdoor stage with a great backdrop of vineyards. As i arrive there are two long time friends here, Robert C. and Jim M. We went to school together and what a blast to see them again. David the fiddler is here and we had spoke in the past about having him play music with the band. During sound check his violin sounds fantastic! This will be exciting to hear him play. With everyone ready we charge into the songs, the music fans bring lawn chairs and enjoy this great setting. John and Jan who operate this wonderful winery have built up a lot of friends in the area and it is a great night out for many locals.
Santa Clara is in the San Jose area of Ca. My friends Scott and Lynn have put together two events before this at Scott's home called Rockin' The blues BBQ. Both events were a lot of fun. Everyone on Scott's block is invited and all of his friends attend. Lynn has a beautiful personality and knows how to host these events. Big Rick and Ricky are here from Redwood City along with Scotts family.
We rip into the tunes in the backyard with great food and lots of visiting. The weather is mild summer and everything is perfect, the best event yet! With Labor Day Sunday the neighborhood is up for some Rockin' Blues! Thank you Scott and Lynn for putting together one of the coolest parties of the year!
Sunday, August 15th, 2010 4:49 PM PDT
Friday, August 27 - Concert at the Lake, Coarsegold
Saturday, August 28 - Shoreline Village, Long Beach
Kirk Nelson is on keyboards today and lives near by in San Pedro. A short 10 minute drive and he is at the gig. Larry, Brian and I are driving in from Visalia, an easy 3 hour drive. I enjoy travel and I like to drive. The weather is cooler than expected and we don't start until 7pm. Still it is a nice location on the water near all the boats with a good crowd. The shoreline has a couple of big events tonight so we can hear the other bands off in the distance and their is a festival atmosphere. The first show opens with some cool Blues fans up front including a very well know Blues photographer and his wife. Robert Cardiff has taken photos of many famous musicians and I am very proud of the photo he provided, a live photo shot for the cover of my "Rockin' The Blues" album cover. Thank you again Robert I love the photo!
Sunday, August 29 - River View Inn, Three Rivers
A Sunday afternoon show is great because it is a mellow day with lots of people just relaxing. Here in Three Rivers on a summer afternoon along side the Kaweah river on the Patio it is very nice. My new Mesa Amp is sounding awesome and Larry and Brian are locking into some tight grooves. This location is not far from where we live so it is short drive on a nice day. Today is also the coolest weather day in years for August, a cold front hit the coast and it is only about 80 degrees here. Sometimes just keeping it mellow and rolling along is good.
Monday, August 9th, 2010 10:37 AM PDT
Summertime is full on and Amrik, Tumbleweed, Brian and I drive past Highway 49 to the historic town of West Point. We set up on the school football field and sound check. Everything works very well with the pine trees and surrounding buildings giving us a nice natural place to play music. Lots of people are here from the surrounding towns and we have a huge crowd. It really is a classic experience with dancing, singalongs and meet and greets. Penny West with Calaveras Arts stages a concert in each of the small towns all
summer long. Bringing music to lots of people and providing a fun summer night to many families. This town was established in 1854 by Kit Carson as a base camp while he was working on a route over the sierras.
Sunday, August 1st, 2010 1:54 PM PDT
Saturday, August 7 - Hyatt Regency, Huntington Beach
My friend Adam Gust is getting married to the lovely Sonjia. This weekend Adam is on drums for the shows, we have worked together for several years. Brian and I drive into Huntington Beach from V-Town to meet Kirk, Adam and Sonjia at the very posh Hyatt hotel. The crowd is on vacation and up for a good time. The band rips into the tunes and the dancing and singalongs begin. The food is fantastic and I get a chance to hear the plans for Adam's wedding.
two wonderful people excited about sharing their lives together!
Sunday, August 8 - Taste of Marina Del Rey
Brian and I check out of this nice seaside hotel and drive north for breakfast in Beverly Hills. I always enjoy spending time in BH because it is like no other place for me. There is a sidewalk cafe that has a super breakfast so after parking we are outside on a beautiful weather day having some amazing food. Then over to Barney's New York to the men's dept. for some stuff. Next is Guitar Center and on on to Sonjia's birthday part for Adam. My guitar amp is giving me some unwanted noise so I put a call into Performance guitar's Mark and he meets us in Venice to look at my guitar gear. With a set up that works we head over to the festival. Back stage I am introduced to Cynthia Fox KLOS radio super DJ and we watch Luke nelson put on a terrific show. My band and I take the stage and with Scott , Kirk, Brian and Adam Gust we rip into the tunes.  Scott had brought his boat to the marina and planned to boat out to Catalina island the next day. After a fun set filmed by crusin' Kenny we are on our way home to V-Town.
Monday, July 26th, 2010 6:34 PM PDT
Friday, July 30 - Arcadia Blues Club, Arcadia
South to Arcadia near Pasadena, Larry, Tumbleweed and I are meeting Brian and Kirk at the club. This is a nice showroom run by a great blues couple Bobby and Marie. They try very hard to book some of the best Blues acts on the road. Tonight Bobby has his band open the show. With a small crowd of mostly friends on mine we take the stage ready to boogie! With my friend Yasu and Mark from Performance guitars here, I know I have to make my Les Paul and Strat rip through my mesa amp. LA Blues Society founders Lory and Gene are here along with blues society number one member and officer Maily Alday. Maily's photo work is excellent and she is friends with lots of the best musicians! The big surprise was my long time friend Te from Brazil was in the states and wearing a Power Blues T-shirt he surprises me with a grand entrance. What a super cool meeting of two friends. I loved it! With the vibes going on it is also Tumbleweed's Birthday tonight. Wow! The band plays a two hour show with all the musicians turning in solid work. After a lot of fun meet and greet time after the show, where I see two great friends are here too! Steve Broocke and Bo arrived during the show and what a great night to see them as well! Pat Kramer from Southland blues magazine is here as well. She is a terrific writer who interviewed me and wrote the cover story for the March issue. This was an outstanding evening in Southern California. Thank you ABC club, Bobby and Marie. Everyone's support was a huge boost to the band and we thank you very much. Near the club is a well appointed condo that Bobby allows the bands to stay at. We can get some much needed rest for our show in Central California tomorrow.
Saturday, July 31 - Table Mountain Casino - Friant
Tonight Amrik Sandhu is on drums and Brian and I meet him at the security entrance to the casino. When hired for these shows on my level there is a dress code and you are screened for background with your drivers license.
The gear is escorted through the casino to the stage area on the gaming floor. I don't mind any of this and everyone at the casino is super nice and helpful.
We have dinner at the buffet complimentary and the whole evening is fun. We roll out the songs in a timely order and finish at 11pm. Plus it is nice to work close to V-Town! The band has a great night and I visit with people who come to see us every time we play here. Blues, good food and a casino with lots of action, makes for a great night out!
Monday, July 19th, 2010 4:29 AM PDT
Friday, July 23 - Rollin' On The River, Reno, Nevada
On our way to one of the best gigs of the year! Up over 80 and into Reno. I added GPS to the truck so we have Jane with a UK accent guiding us along. It is warm but hey it's summer. The gig is located in a beautiful downtown park with the Truckee River along side the stage area. With support from my brother Reg, his wife Ann along with my cousin Sheri, her husband Dean and their daughter Reanne it is going to be fun. The promoter John is super nice and his staff very pro. Photographers Ed and Bill from the Reno area are here and we connect for future photo's, My long time friend and all around nice person Leigh Hurst is here with her family. Scott Bolsta has a lot of family here from Carson City so the band is feeling lots of love from the audience. The show kicks off with a song from BB King " Every Day i have The Blues" and the crowd is with us. By the end of the night we are feeling very up and excited from the reaction to the show. Thank you to all the Blues fans in Reno for making this show so huge. We are staying at a near by casino hotel so the band gets together for dinner and talks over how much fun this evening was. I tell them that we have videos from the show for the web site. Nice.
Saturday, July 24 - Casa Sorrento, Salinas
Starting with a great breakfast at the casino hotel and then over highway 80 towards Sacramento. The truck starts to lose air conditioning in Sac. and we run into grid lock traffic on 8o west. The AC is on and off as we re-route to 5 and on into 580 south to San Jose. We check into an old Holiday Inn in the Silicone valley area that is not that nice. They give Brian the keys to a room with two people in bed. Their surprised and he has to pack all his gear back to the lobby. Wow. We then go to a dinner that is not that good in an old part of San Jose. Running right to the minute, Larry, Brian and I drive south to Salinas to meet up with Kirk Nelson. Arriving in Old town at a nice pizza palace and bar we set up for the show. A little tired but ready to go. We order two large pizza pies and begin to rock the tunes. My friends Janet and Mario are here to celebrate their wedding anniversary with friends. Famous Monterey drummer Rod Wilson is here with a lot of friends. Wow! A huge table is full and he is so nice to bring this many folks to the show! Thank you Rod! We play to midnight and pack the truck to boogie out of town. With cops and Highway Patrol everywhere we are soon lost. This weekend I had put a new GPS on the truck and Brian enters the hotel address and it is soon barking out directions to get us out of Salinas. Dog tired we pull in to rest for an early start to the festival on Sunday.
Sunday, July 25 - Gilroy Garlic Festival, Gilroy
Checking out of this huge outdated hotel is good today. These places are so huge you need a golf cart to get from your room to the elevator. Very bad design years ago. Breakfast on a summer's morning at Denny's in Morgan Hill. great little town, would really like to do a show here. Off to the festival and into the center stage for a big day. The weather is way cool , maybe in the 80's compared to the high 90's, which it is always at for this festival. Last night in Salinas the fog rolled in and it was cold for load out. After setting up, Kirk, Larry, Brian and I rip into the tunes. Snarling dogs on a rampage of fun. The sound is right and soon the crowd is with us as we climb higher and higher! The dancers take the front of the stage and after a brief intermission we launch into the second set, ripping Blues with funk beats. As our time to finish nears we can't, because the crowd has taken over our stage area and it would be impossible to stop at this point. With the festival staff wondering how we can land this thing we find a place to set this blues plane down and everyone is up front to talk to the band. The next act on is Red Beans and Rice and although they will have a late to start, they enjoyed the vibes and are very supportive in changing over all the music gear on stage. What a show, what a weekend. Could be the top of the summer tour dates schedule! Off to V-town and home for a BBQ. This is a great summer2010!
Wednesday, July 7th, 2010 1:28 PM PDT
Friday, July 16 – Skip Fordyce Harley Davidson, Riverside
Today it is very HOT! As we pull into Riverside the truck temp reads 108 degrees! Larry, Brian and I set up outside in front of Skips on a covered area with a nice big lawn. Everyone at the dealership is helping make the crowd and the band as much as they can. There is food and cold drinks, with the evening brings a cool breeze and things get better. I am lucky some friends are here and visiting between sets is a lot of fun. Thank you Stefannie for bringing your family to the show! Back inside the cool truck we drift out of Los Angeles and over to the Central Valley. I have to say the band was rippin' today with some very hot playing.
Saturday, July 17 - Pilot Peak Winery, Penn Valley
This is a beautiful valley in the foothills. My friends Joni and David live near here. The folks that run this winery are super nice and bring in excellent food for the guests. We play outside on a hill under trees with the guests at tables  tucked under trees on the slopes of a easy pathway. There is dancing in front of us and the whole evening is very nice. Joni and David are here with Joni's brother Vince. Scott Bolsta is on sax tonight, his father in law lives near here too. Just a super place. My long time friends Frank and Sarah make a suprise entrance a their dancing wows everyone. A good couple can really become terrific dancers, with lots of moves. Fun to see them again!
Sunday, June 27th, 2010 5:32 PM PDT
With the weather perfect and the excitement building Larry, Brian and I drive up route 59 towards Sonora. I'm soon on the phone with my long time friend Robert C. with directions to his home in Sonora. he is an excellent chef and today he is grilling lunch for us. It is amazing and a nice way to rest and prepare for the show tonight. Arriving early there is already lots of lawn chairs placed to hold locations for folks until they return. Scott Bolsta soon steps onto the stage and has been in town since Friday with a lot of his Coarsegold friends, every one has a cabin near each other. Pam is pulling together this event and is very good at making this a special July 4th celebration. The crowd begins to arrive and it looks like this will build to be a fun and well attended show. I am excited to see my friends from high school here " The Bears"! Mark, Kris, Jim A. Robert, Jana and Janet are here today. It is a lot of fun when we get together. The band rips into the songs and soon there is dancing and everyone joins in. Janet is taking photos and a few days later we connect on the photos. The photos are amazing and she captured the celebration. My friend from school Jana is a pro singer and she wows the crowd when she sings with the band! With everyone feeling like more music the band plays on past the scheduled end for more tunes. What a fun day! Look forward to next year's July 4th celebration in Twain Harte!
Monday, June 21st, 2010 8:01 AM PDT
Tonight we are working as a trio. Arriving around 5pm the weather is surprisingly mild. This is an historic California town above Porterville. The last supply location before the mountains of the Great Western divide. Years ago cattlemen would bring their herds to the mountains to graze for spring through fall. Before winter the herds would be brought down to the valley floor. Springville has a famous hotel and a nice park. The center of the park is a gazebo built very well years ago. I am very proud to have my band perform on this famous stage! The show goes well and I get a chance to meet people from town and really enjoy a summer night as it has been done here for a long time. After the show the band is offered lots of food so we stay longer and enjoy the great summer weather. Thank you Springville for a your invitation!
It's 9am and we are on our way to Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles. This is a nice harbor location with shops and family's walking along the pier. Kirk Nelson meets us at the famous ship bell in the center. With a light house near by we set up and kick out some cool Blues for a very nice crowd. Of coarse I get sun burned and red by the end of the day but what a fun gig. The breeze keeps it cool and everyone is having fun. We are on our way through traffic around 5:30 heading across the LA basin on our way to the Grapevine and into the valley. For me to have lived in LA for years it is a interesting feeling to visit a place I know so well. Years ago I played music on Sunday afternoons at Hinano's in Venice. I remember so many nice afternoons at the So. Ca. beach's, part of the lifestyle when living here.
Monday, May 31st, 2010 6:51 PM PDT
Friday, June 18 - Silo's, Napa
Meeting Scott and Larry at around noon we drive across the delta on highway 12. The California delta has hundreds of miles of inland waterways with places to camp and stop at small docks for food and drink. Really amazing areas that go on and on. The weather is beautiful and we are soon in Napa having lunch along side the river. Napa is a famous city with world wide visitors each year. Next we go to the club and set up and sound check for the rest of the afternoon. A super room with a great staff. This showcase room features wine from local vineyards and light food fare. The shows go well and the crowd is up for a lot of fun. I am lucky to see a friend of mine from 30 years ago tonight. Wow! We visit and his sister is here and the night is just a lot of fun. Thank you to all the people who bought CD's and made tonight a good one. Special thanks to the GM Kieth for being very pro and welcoming us to Napa.
Saturday, June 19 - Pilot Peak Winery, Penn Valley
Driving out of Fairfield after a breakfast at Home town Buffet on super nice day. Feeling good about last night's show we are soon passing Sacramento and head up 99 towards Yuba City. All farming in this area except the huge Beal Air Force base. After a few hours we arrive in beautiful Penn Valley located in the foothills of the Sierra's. The winery is a super location with lots of  trees with paths and levels for tables around the tasting room.  The band area carved into a hill side. Plenty of room for dancing, tables, chairs and a courtyard for the food service. The owners Jackie and Lyn are very cool. With Scott Bolsta's family here today and my very good friends Joni and David as well, the afternoon is a wonderful experience of music outside with friends. The band plays excellent and with gift bottle of wine each we drive south to V-town, in around midnight.
Sunday, May 23rd, 2010 8:27 PM PDT
Friday, May 28 Peg House
 For the last three Monday afternoons Larry and Phillip (Bass) and I have been rehearsing to travel to Mendo. This is going to be a fun adventure, music in the Redwoods! The weather has been raining everyday and tonight's show is outside. First stop is in Livermore to meet up with Tumbleweed and have lunch at a favorite place the Railroad cafe. Then on up north we drive on a crowded 101. A few hours later we pull off 101 into the parking lot of the Peg House. The weather is beautiful and the location amazing. Michael and Kevin have brought a very cool PA system in from Eureaka and we sound check and have dinner. The sound is excellent and a crowd of locals start to join us on a beautiful open air patio in front of the Redwood stage. Pamela, Sequoia, Davey, Jeff and other new friends we meet during the breaks makes this a very positive experience. Late into the night after the show we spend time visiting with everyone. Later we check into Mike and Tina's motel in Leggett, nice rooms and everything is lush green with lots of big trees and bright flowers growing everywhere! Amazing!
Saturday, May 29 Caspar Inn
Waking up to a beautiful weather day! Outside is clean, sunny, and green! Checking out of the motel the band drives over to the Peg House for something to eat and time on the patio. Visiting with Gary and family for awhile we say good bye for now and take a day ride through a park of redwoods and onto highway one towards the coast. The first sight of the ocean is huge! Stopping for photos then a slow ride to Fort Bagg and down to the harbor. Fish and chips at Capt. Flints! Nice! Then on down the coast a short drive to Caspar and the friendly greets form the wonderful people who operate this famous road house. very nice rooms upstairs and a pro stage downstairs in the show room. The band rips into the tunes with dancers and blues fans joining in. Great place to play! The next morning at 8am we meet and drive just a shoot distance to a 100 year old school house for a fantastic breakfast prepared by Oscar a lady chef. The whole town is there to raise money for the community center on a beautiful day. We start the engine and drive to Livermore and then on into the central valley. This visit to northern California was a lot of fun. Thank you Michael Buell for booking these gigs!
Monday, May 17th, 2010 6:56 AM PDT
Arriving around 7pm Jess the promoter meets us while we are still in the van. I roll down the window and says due to weather they want to end the event now. Wow! With the band here and a cool location we spend some time saying hello to everyone. Don the president of Central Cal. Blues Society is here and is awesome at keeping the blues scene together here. After listening to AC Miles end the event we are on our way back to V-Town.
Monday, May 10th, 2010 7:15 PM PDT
Friday, May 14 - Eagle Mountain Casino, Porterville
Amrik has requested this weekend off so the mighty Larry Donawa is on drums for the show. Larry has worked a lot of shows and knows the tunes well. Brian, Larry and I arrive early so after set up we can enjoy dinner before rippin' some blues tunes.
Saturday, May 15 - Eagle Mountain Casino, Porterville
I enjoy lunch downtown Visalia on Saturday's, a very nice small town with lotsof shops and places to dine. Today we are at the Vintage Press a super nice place with great food and a bar area that is like San Francisco. There is a classic car show, main street is lined with amazing cars restored. After lunch I get ready to meet Larry and Brian our gear is set up on stage so it is just a short drive to the casino. The talk on the way is about the oil spill in the gulf.
Sunday, May 16 - Sequoia Foodie Fest, Exeter
Visalia has a great farmers market, lots of great produce, fruits and other good eats. Local farmers that make their food taste better than you buy in the chain supermarkets. So having a food festival makes sense here, I am looking forward to this two day event, we are performing on Sunday early in the day. Amrik follows us over to Exeter and Dana the promoter directs to the stage. Just a fun event, Andy Border is providing the sound system and lots of people know each other from around town. Really enjoyed this event and would like to be on board again next year!
Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 9:43 AM PDT
Friday, May 7
Fox Morning Show, "Great Day", Fresno

Kirk arrives Thursday night from San Pedro and with little delay we are thinking about getting sleep to be up at 4:45 AM! Still night outside as we pick up Brian and drive into Fresno. Once inside the TV studio we set up to sound check and everyone here is wide awake and full of energy.

Friday, May 7
Blues, Brews & BBQ, Visalia
The weather is near perfect and the crowd is huge, everyone seems to be here. Kirk and I had lunch at the Depot today so I could give him some history on Visalia. This is the original train station now a nice place to eat. Kirk is enjoying his visit and we are glad he is town. Scott Bolsta , Brian Beal and Amrik Sandhu are all playing great as we rip into the tunes playing until 10pm. I visit my friends at one of the many tables and wow everybody is here. Moneka and Gary my best friends in town, my sister Carolyn and her husband Bob, Fran and Richard, Heather and her husband too. A very cool group out on the town for Brews and Blues. Thank you for the support. Big Rick's baby niece Pam and her family are here, Promoter Mike, Phil the super bass player and lots of friends of Brian Beal, a long time Visalian. Bruce B. has put together a super successful night! Congrat's Bruce!

Saturday, May 8
Sierra Ridge Winery, Sutter Creek
Brian, Amrik, Kirk and I drive up highway 99 to Stockton and turn towards Jackson in the foothills. This a very historic gold rush area and has beautiful rolling hills. The spring weather is sunny and cool. We arrive at the winery and discover a very nice stage with a vista view behind us. The owners are  wonderful and bring a pro, relaxing and very high quality presentation to their music customers. The dinner is excellent and we kick into high gear with dance tunes. Scott Bolsta and his wife meet us here and the band plays two dancing shows.  The big surprise is to see friends from Coarsegold that are here, thank you to my friends from Yosemite Lakes Park! After spending time with our wonderful host Jan who is celebrating a birthday today, we load the truck and drive to El Dorado Hills. Checking into get some sleep after midnight.
Sunday, May 9
Art & Wine Affaire, El Dorado Hills
Brian is back at the hotel from a jog outside and looking out the window we agree the weather looks like rain. With vendors, art displays and an outside show today this is not good. The band meets down stairs for breakfast and the promoter plans to go ahead with the show. The production for this event is top notch, so the sound and presentation are excellent. Even with overcast and sprinkles we have a good crowd and the band sounds good. I like this town and the vibe, kinda reminds me of Beverly Hills one of my favorite cities in California. Things go well and the sun is out by the end of the shows. We hang out and talk with everyone and then with the gear on board we truck through back roads on a short cut to highway 99.
Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 8:40 PM PDT
The weather is very nice and Amrik, Brian and I drive the gear about 45 minutes in to the foothills from Visalia. This amazing location has a club / eatery with a patio outside along the river. Great place to be on a Sunday afternoon.
What a nice surprise to see Bob from the Visalia store Buck's Stove and at another table is Moneka, Gary, Carolyn and Bob! The dancers are in front of the band and are having fun celebrating a birthday outside on a super day!
Sunday, April 18th, 2010 11:09 AM PDT
WED. - SAT. APRIL 21, 22, 23, 24
The Blues and Brews Laughlin festival was huge this year. I was excited to return to Laughlin for the River Run knowing this event was amazing last year and this year could be bigger in crowds. Brian and I loaded the truck and drove south on Tuesday around noon. Weather report was for a week of mellow spring weather.
Scott Bolsta calls and has to be with his family for his daughter's birth of his new grand baby.
Last minute I call Tumbleweed in Livermore who agrees to drive to Laughlin to perform at the shows. Late Wed. he arrives after our two Wed. shows go smooth with Chris Blondal and Kirk Nelson from Los Angeles.
Thursday, Fiday, Saturday go very smooth with my long time friend Angelp P. from the area here and great to see Oscar playing bass with Michael Burks band. After Saturday's second show the truck is behind the stage, we load the gear right after the show. Soon we are on our way, slowly moving through the crowed streets towards the edge of town.
Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 8:01 AM PDT
Monday the 13th Adam, Brian and I entered the studio and recorded the basic tracks to "Blues Magic" and Raining in my heart". Working with a hot production studio Eng. the songs sound great! Today we arrive early in LA to have Brian's bass repaired at the famous shop called Performance guitar. With other stops and traffic we get into Anaheim at 5pm and prepare for the show tonight. Chris Blondal meets us at the Voodoo Lounge at the show, it goes well. My nephew Jonathan and his close friend Ashley are here from Las Vegas and we play tunes until closing time.
After breakfast we meet drummer Glen Maiden at a rehearsal studio and rip through songs. Glen had offered to drum at So. Ca. shows and this a great time to play music for future shows. At 3pm we are on our way to Corona to join in on a Harley Davidson promotion event. The show goes well and Chris is playing the tunes excellent! we agree to meet in Laughlin on Tuesday and Brian and I load the gear in the truck. In a short time the truck is over the mountains and back in the Central Valley heading for V-Town.
The weather is very nice as we drive into the loading dock for the casino. Amrik meets us there and we move the gear across the main gaming floor to the stage. Dress code is a must so we are in slacks and shirts, looking sharp. The sets are smooth with a very full casino of folks listening while they gamble. The buffet here is amazing, so during dinner break the talk is about sports and how many plates of food we can eat! Show ends at 11pm and we are on our way down highway 99.
Sunday, March 21st, 2010 5:14 PM PDT
APRIL 2, 3, 4
April first and Tumbleweed, Brian and I leave Visalia around noon for a six hour drive to Laughlin. Listening to CDs and talking music all the way to the Colorado Belle where we check in to our rooms. Kirk Nelson is already here so we all gather for dinner and the talk is about are we going to perform the new song "Blues Magic" I had written. Kirk is busy in So. Ca. with many projects and we are working on getting into the studio to start the new album. Later Sonjia and Adam check in to the Belle and the whole band is at a production meeting at 10am on Friday. The band rips into the tunes, Brian on Bass, Adam on drums, Kirk on keys, Tumbleweed and I at one point jump into the audience and are dancing with blues fans as we play. The crowd is singing the Blues are alright and Mojo working and the shows race by. The set list of songs is looking like a lot of fun.
Sunday, March 14th, 2010 4:09 PM PDT
Tumbleweed is in town from Livermore in the Bay Area. We all meet for dinner at the club, Brian Amrik and I and Tumbleweed are planing to play some rippin' Blues. The show we all played in San Ramon was hot and tonight the same thing is going on. Near the front is a table of friends from Fresno. Mary, Jeannie, Philman, Sarah and Maureen. Soon their is dancing and the band always plays better when there is dancing. Patrick the GM serves very good food and the pizza is excellent. A great blues bar in Fresno! With the show smoking everyone is looking forward to Laughlin and the Blues festival!
Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 5:41 PM PST
The folks at Crown Billiards know how to have a good time. A great room with billiard tables, full bar and plenty of room to move around in a super location of San Ramon. Tumbleweed the harp man is one of the Bay area's most Bluesin' hot players. He was here tonight to add his sound to the rumblin bass and drums of Brian Beal and Amrik Sandhu. The show included the beautiful dancers on a stage next to us who at times were wearing very little and were looking straight out of Paris. Ooh LaLa! With an MC calling out for Gin and Tonics the evening was filled with green and the celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Thanks everybody for being there! Crown Billiards and San Ramon is a good one!
Tuesday, January 26th, 2010 11:08 PM PST
FEB. 12, 13, 14
Valentines Weekend! Amrik, Brian and I drive over to EMC for some Rockin' Blues!The casino is jumping and lots of people are here for a good time. After dinner the dancing begins and the band is rippin'! We get a good sound in this room and some friends are here from Bakersfield. Thanks! My buddy Ben is here and we are talking guitar. Thanks for your support, EMC!
Sunday, January 17th, 2010 9:07 AM PST
FRI. SAT. SUN. JAN. 22,23,24
For the first time in a long time I am slowing down to write songs and organize for the year. I am not playing small bars as I have done in the past so I can focus on the gigs I want to play. This is ok because the weather makes travel tough this time of year and I have so many other things going on that I need to get done. This weekend is a good one as Amrik, Brian and I play a nice series of shows at a nearby casino. Great room and stage with a nice vibe. The shows are rippin' with dancing and lots of guitar. Home each night and off and on rain to help the valley. All good stuff! Nice to be out of the city and enjoying the country side. After living in the LA and SF cities it is fun to be here. I plan to have a huge year now that I am settled and back to music. First will be songs and a new record. No small task to complete. It will be lots of work but I'm ready.
Monday, January 11th, 2010 6:09 PM PST
Amrik, Brian and I pull up to Vinny's and the windows are dark. This is not good. We can not reach him on the phone. Two people standing out side the business next door tell me the city shut his bar down. This is sad because this is the only bar with live music for miles and Vinny had put thousands of dollars into the business to open up. We drive south back towards Fresno talking arrangements and grooves. As I start this year the economy has cost lots of bars and gigs to dry up. Here in the central valley I can see the impact of the loss of jobs on many business's across the boards.
Saturday, January 2nd, 2010 12:17 PM PST
With the football game on the truck radio I am driving south to So. Ca. today. The Packers and Arizona are playing a great game with touchdown after touch down right into overtime. It is a nice day in So. Ca., Jan. and about 70 degrees. Tonight I am working with two musicians I have known for awhile, both excellent. Marvin plays monster bass and Matt O is a very talented drummer. The GM at the club is super to the band with offering us dinner and a kind welcome.
Monday, December 28th, 2009 8:11 AM PST
Weather looks good and their is a buzz for tonight's show. We set up and friends Connie, Matt, Steve, Scott are already arriving. Iris has planned a fun night and the band is ready for the midnight countdown. Amrik Sandhu on drums out on the road with the BW3 for the first time. Brian Beal on Bass! Special thanks to my long time friend Steve S. for sitting in on guitar and playing some smoking leads!
Breakfast at the Top of Broadway in downtown RC. Weather looks good and we are on our way to Santa Cruz. Arriving with enough time to go to the boardwalk we park at the club and walk over to the beach. Nice and sunny and great to be here in Santa Cruz. The club is filling up with friends from Henflings in Ben Lomond and friends from the Blues by the bay festival. I am very excited to visit with my friend from high school, Janet Grey.Towards the end of loading out the gear and I talk with bartender Angel and find out she is from Visalia. The cab driver outside is telling Brian some very funny jokes as I walk up and soon we are on our way through the back roads of Monterey county. Driving East towards the 152 and the pass into Los Banos.




Ricky, Big Rick, Samantha, Shawn, BW


Hanford Thanksgiving Weekend


BW with Charrie Foglio

Thank you to everyone in Coarsegold for a great show!









Mark Maverick, GM of iRadioLA Indie 104
with BW

Maile, BW, Steve B, Gene C

BW at Bluesapalooza, Covina

BW, Evan and Adam Gust


Adam & BW


BW, Sonjia, Adam Gust

BW with Kate Voegele from the CW's One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill star Kate Voegele with Brad Wilson. Kate performed with Brad at the Tobin James Winery!

tobin james Winery

Tobin James Winery

Tobin James Winery

Tobin James Winery Crush Party


BW w/ John, Sierra Ridge Winery


Robert, Jim, BW
Sierra Ridge Winery

BW at the Sierra Ridge Winery

Scott, Lynn, BW
Rockin the Blues BBQ 3

Calaveras Arts Council Penny West & BW

BW in West Point

BW with Performance Guitar's Mark

Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach

Arcadia Blues Club
photo credit Maile Alday

Arcadia Blues Club
photo credit Maile Alday

Rollin on the River, Reno, NV



BW - Arcadia Blues Club


BW, Laurie, Gene
LA Blues Society

BW and Te


Mark, Maile, BW, and Yasu

img hurst

BW at Rollin on the River
Credit: Leigh Hurst

BW with Terry Mills
Reno Blues Society

The Johnson Family and BW


BW with Bill Gavigan

Twain Harte
July 4 Celebration
photo credit: jjgray

Larry Donawa, Brian Beal, Scott Bolsta


Marina Del Rey


Pilot Peak Winery, Penn Valley

Pilot Peak Winery, Penn Valley

Greg Nelson & BW - Silo's, Napa

Silos, Napa

Silos, Napa


Caspar, CA


Caspar Inn


Fort Bragg

Fort Bragg



Redwood Stage, Peg House

BW, Michael Buell, Gary Ballard
Owner of the Peg House in Leggett


Michael Buell & BW
Producer of Blues by the Bay Festival

BW Rev Fest


BW and Don,
President of Central California Blues Society


BW and Jess

BW and Dana,
Promoter for Sequoia Foodie Fest

BW and Teresa Russell, Blues Star

BW with the Stars of the Fox Television Show
"Great Day"

Fox Television Star Kopi with BW

BW with Pam of the Jackson Girls
El Dorado Hills


Laughlin River Run 2010

Laughlin Blues & Brews Festival

Adam Gust, BW

Michael Burks, BW, Preston Shannon

Mary, Jennie, BW, Sarah, Maureen
Rockin the Blues at Austin's in Fresno

St. Patty's Day - Crown Billiards, San Ramon

St. Patty's Day
Crown Billiards, San Ramon